Top 19 Sustainable packaging innovations 2020

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Sustainable packaging is the advancement and usage of recyclable, eco-friendly material, reusable packaging, and made from renewable resources or materials. This method reduces the environmental impact and eco-friendly footprint of consumer product waste.

So, covering all the packaging innovation categories such as label, adhesive, RFID, bottle, recycling, ink, box, etc. But, the Coca-Cola paper bottle is not added to the list because it’s a prototype development. But you can get the development details in the search result. 
So, sharing the top 19 sustainable packaging innovations of 2020. 

Top 19 sustainable packaging innovations of 2020

  1. First-of-its-kind Sustainable RFID tags by Stora Enso – The newest chip family launched in ECO Hanger and ECO Rack RFID labels category. It is designed explicitly for retail-applications, such as hang tags. According to Life Cycle assessment considerations, ECO RFID tags give up to a 40% reduction in carbon footprint. It is also competing with conventional inlay alternatives in both performance and cost. It is making them a sustainable option for businesses that worry about their eco-friendly footprint.
    ECO RFID, RFID labels, Sustainable RFID, RFID tags, ECO RFID tags
    Source: Stora Enso
  2. Wash-off Label and adhesive with a unique feature for PET bottle – HERMA will introduce the wash-off adhesive for the 62Rpw label, given PET pellets’ high purity during the recycling process. There will be no left part of the brand and glue on the bottle.

    Wash-off label, New Wash-off Label, Label Help in Recycling, Label Wash-off technology, SmartCircle Solution
    Source: UPM Raflatac
  3. Wood-based transparent plastic label Vellamo is one of Mother Nature’s wonderful creations and inspired to share how we’ve taken exceptional measures to assure our unique taste, purity, and sustainability for the health of our customers. And planet by performing a neutral carbon footprint across production, packaging, and logistics. 

    Wood-based transparent polypropylene, transparent polypropylene plastic label, wood-based polypropylene, Vellamo, 100% wood-based label
    Source: Vallamo | UPM Raflatac
  4. Colored Post-Consumer Recycled deodorant stick by Berry – The 50ml size of Berry Bramlage’s famous Ambiente Deo 2000 oval deodorant stick is now being designed containing 95% colored post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. This latest development underlines Berry Bramlage’s ability to incorporate enhanced sustainability benefits into its advanced container designs while maintaining the pack’s performance, functionality, and on-shelf impact. It meets consumer demands for convenient packaging with a strong environmental commitment.

    Source: Berry
  5. Plastic-Free Deodorant Packaging: P&G will complete the next phase of recyclability examination on the new package this fall. Hopefully, it learns how customers react to the new design. If thriving, P&G will develop the latest sustainable packaging innovation across more of its line-up.

    Plastic-Free Deodorant Packaging, Deodorant Packaging, Paper tube packaging, aluminum-free deodorants, Gen Z
    Source: P&G
  6. Bottle without a label – First-of-its-kind, Coca-Cola Japan’s has taken a new strategy with I LOHAS brand — matryoshka-like, within layers of plastic and paper — used to seem charming. In 2020, however, it now just seems annoying and wasteful. Many companies have begun to the certainties of the 21st century, beginning eco-friendly PR campaigns. One of Coca-Cola Japan’s movements prompted the “revamp” its I Lohas bottled water brand first this year.

    Bottle without a label, label less bottle, Label less, Label Less I LOHAS, without a label
    Source: I Lohas
  7. Wine’s box packaging  Lighter in weight: The wine paper Bottle’s weight is 83g, so it is five times more delicate than a standard glass bottle. It is easier to carry and transport. Environment Friendly: The frugal paper bottle is made from recycled paperboard with no chemicals, and it has a carbon footprint up to six times (84%) lower than a glass bottle and more than a third less than a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. The Frugal Bottle’s water footprint is also at least four times lower than glass. Easy to recycle: It can easily separate the plastic food-grade liner from the paper bottle. And put them in your particular recycling bins. Or you can set the entire bottle in your paper recycling bin, and the liner will be easily separated in the paper re-pulping process.

    paper wine bottle, wine paper bottle, recycled paper wine packaging, paper bottle,
    Source: Frugal Bottle
  8. Innovative bundler options for CAN by Smurfit Kappa – Single-use plastics can have a destructive impact on the environment. Creating even more sustainable packaging choices is the base of our Better Planet Packaging initiative. We know from our study that 75% of users have a preference for sustainable packaging.

    GreenClip bundler, Innovative bundler, TopClip CAN bundler, CAN bundler, TopClip
    Source: Smurfit Kappa
  9. 100% reusable and recyclable glass packaging: For this, they collaborated with a partner to create a thoughtful packaging program that is 100% reusable and recyclable. Labeling was kept at a minimum to reflect the purity of the vodka and minimize material usage. Through every detail of design and packaging, the Air Company team continued to carry out its mission to make goods that do good and better the world we live in by redefining conscious consumption. 
  10. Innovative eco-friendly garments packaging to overcome the single-use plastic by Seaman Paper – The Vela bags are strong and weather-resistant to protect products from humidity, moisture, and dust in transition. Vela bags are also transparent, providing for visual inspection of packaged products and standard barcode scanning. The resealable strip facilitates the bag to close and open many times. 
  11. Carbon Neutral BOPP Label Film by Encore C45cn – Innovia Films launched Encore C45cn, the first carbon-neutral BOPP label film. Encore C45cn is ISCC certified and will reduce carbon footprint and reduce the use of fossil resources. Stephen Weber, Key Account Director, Labels at Innovia Films, explains, “in addition to being carbon neutral, Encore C45cn is a high MD stiffness 45um BOPP bubble film for automatic label dispensing performance. This could allow the replacement of standard 50um films giving a further 10% material saving. 

    Source: Innovia Films
  12. Sustainable Caps & Closure by Guala Closures – Sustainability is a critical pillar of Guala Closures’ policy, proposing using 35% recycled material universal by 2025. Group strives to allow the widest variety of state-of-the-art sustainable closures for wine, drinks, water, beverages, and olive oil products with the only dedicated closure series of this kind for all these markets. 

    Blossom Closure
    Source: Guala Closure
  13. iPhone12 packaging – Packaging and product is Arsenic-free display glass, Mercury-free, Brominated flame retardant–free & PVC-free • Beryllium-free. Apple has taken responsibility for their products at every stage; they take responsibility for their products completely their life cycles—including the materials they are made of, the people who assemble them. And how they are recycled at the end of life. And apple focus on the areas where they can make the most significant variation for our planet: decreasing our impact on climate change, conserving necessary resources, and using safer materials. 

    iPhone 12 packaging, iPhone 12 box packaging, iPhone Box Packaging, iPhone 12 Packaging box, iPhone 12 box
    Source: Apple
  14. Rice Bag with Fully recyclable paper bag – The ‘Rice Bag’ was designed as an element of Mondi’s customer-centric EcoSolutions approach to help customers accomplish their sustainability goals while meeting technical specifications, food shelf-life preservation, and industry regulations. Vignola presented an apparent dedication to using more environmentally sustainable packaging to purchase a new form-fill-seal machine suitable for paper-based bags.
  15. Sustainable liquid refill packaging by ALPLA: Refill containers are frequently becoming famous for cleaning products. The causes why are plain to see. They are small and light, utilize significantly less plastic, decrease freight expenses by up to 90 percent and let complicated spray bottles be reused. ALPLA is performing an ideal packaging solution for concentrated cleaning chemicals. Besides the numerous environmental advantages, it also offers different added value: it is safe, easy, and fun for customers.

    Refill containers, Liquid refills Packaging, Sustainable refill packaging, spray bottles
    Source: ALPLA
  16. Recycled Yogurt Cup Packaging by Greiner Packaging – While the PS recycled plastic used in these tests has yet to be approved for food contact applications; the initial trials offer proof that Greiner Packaging is already capable of producing yogurt cups with 100 percent mechanically recycled PS. The certification of the material is already underway. This pilot project was facilitated by Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), the value chain initiative to realize the circular economy for styrene polymers. 

    unique yogurt cup, Sustainable concept of Yogurt Cup,
    Source: Greiner Packaging
  17. New innovative ink – efficiently De-inking during recycling. APK AG’s has a Newcycling® technology that could entirely remove Siegwerk’s inks from the flexible film. The loose film samples were used with the Newcycling® solvent, and it dissolved. The received polymer solution still contained printing ink-components. And the dispersed inks on the film were removed with a filter unit explicitly designed for the de-inking process, emphasizing a very high selectivity level. The de-inking process was acceptable for red, black, and blue color samples produced as new flexible film transparency. 

    Innovative De-inking technology for recycling,
    Source: APK AG;
    Result of de-inking tests: LDPE film printed twofold with ink from Siegwerk and treated in APK AG’s Newcycling® process.
  18. Smurfit Kappa introduced Thermo Box for frozen products – The specialization in the design and production of transit packaging and display panels based on paper honeycomb. It gives the basic protection levels due to its strength to cushion and absorb shock providing products to be safely transported, minimizing product damage and returns. Properties are lightweight and robust, providing superior compression strength, Excellent shock resistance, and cushioning performance.

    Thermo Box, Hexacomb corrugation for frozen food, Hexacomb, structure of Hexacomb, replaces EPS plastic
    Smurfit Kappa introduced Thermo Box for frozen products
  19. Paper-Based Tube by Toppan – The paper tube-pouch represents a new solution that can meet the needs of manufacturers, consumers, and society as a whole by reducing the impact on the environment, enhancing user-friendliness, and also offering new possibilities for design,” said Shingo Wada, general manager of business strategy in Toppan’s western Japan division. “It is another example of Toppan’s efforts to tackle such issues as marine plastic and the need for efficient circulation of resources by developing eco-friendly packaging and containers that sacrifice nothing in terms of functionality while making use of more sustainable materials, such as recycled and biomass plastics, mono materials, and paper.”
    paper tube-pouch, Paper Tube for Food, Benefits of Paper tube, easier to squeeze
    Source: Toppan

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