Rice Bag with Fully recyclable paper bag – Italian Vignola rice brand

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Source: Mondi Group
  • The Rice company Vignola announced Italy’s first 100% recyclable paper rice bag in partnership with Mondi and Fiorini International.

  • Supports Vignola’s dream to use more sustainable packaging.

Mondi is a global supplier of packaging and paper. Fiorini International, a leading Italian packaging converter, has produced Italy’s first 100% recyclable paper rice bag for Italian rice producer Riseria Vignola Giovanni. The unique ‘Rice Bag’ will assist Vignola’s aim to reduce their use of plastic packaging.
The ‘Rice Bag’ was designed as an element of Mondi’s customer-centric EcoSolutions approach to help customers accomplish their sustainability goals while meeting technical specifications such as food shelf-life preservation and industry regulations. Vignola presented an apparent dedication to using more environmentally sustainable packaging to purchase a new form-fill-seal machine suitable for paper-based bags.

Our family company has long been an innovator in Italy. In 1971, we were one of the first to pack rice in cardboard boxes, and in the 1980s, we were amongst the first to adopt the vacuum packaging system. We are pleased to lead the market once again with this utterly recyclable paper rice bag for our 500g and one-kilo packages, giving customers the sustainable, recyclable packaging they frequently prefer.
Giovanni Vignola, Managing Director, Sales Director, Fiorini International, says: “The Rice Bag for Vignola is our next wealthy collaboration with Mondi in the past two years. Having partnered with Mondi to design a fully recyclable paper bag with a window for an Italian pasta company current year, we did not stop to support Mondi to Vignola. Mondi has the expertise and capacity to work with us on sustainable packaging solutions that comfort food industry guidelines for fresh and shelf life and are also user-friendly.”
The ‘Rice Bag’ produced for Vignola is created by Mondi Advantage Smooth White Strong 100 gsm, a practice kraft paper with the right mixture of high strength, superior printability, and guaranteed runnability stuffing machines. It is 100% recyclable and fitting for waste paper recycling streams, even in countries with essential recycling demands.
Massimiliano Scott, Head of Sales Region South and Americas, Mondi, adds, “Our EcoSolutions approach goes to the heart of trying to less sustainable packaging with more bespoke solutions that meet our customers’ demands. We are delighted that our permanent cooperation with Fiorini supports Vignola’s vision to create sustainable packaging. With a production volume of 50 million kilos of rice per year. Vignola has a competing market appearance and a track record of leading the way in innovative packaging.
We are happy to see these improvements in Italian food packaging and are available to help customers with packaging solutions that are sustainable by design.”
Italy is Europe’s top producer and exporter of rice, producing around 1.5 million tonnes per year, representing more than 30% of total European rice production (2018).

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