element6 Dynamics and Papacks declare parternship for packaging solution

element6 Dynamics and the German company PAPACKS® are pleased to officially sign a letter of intent to jointly expand PAPACKS® packaging solutions in the USA.

This partnership is with element6 Dynamics, a US pioneer in industrial hemp. Although the components of the MOU are confidential, this collaboration will deliver regenerative alternative fiber packaging solutions (industrial hemp) for consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, technology companies, and other industries aiming to decarbonize, eliminate plastic, and decrease deforestation in their supply chain.

element6 Dynamics is a leading US industrial hemp company specializing in the genetic breeding, cultivation, and conversion of hemp biomass to mimic the properties of traditional softwood kraft pulp. element6 Dynamics pulp (e6 Pulp) has proven to be a marketable solution used in new or existing paper mills and packaging infrastructure.

PAPACKS® has set the standard for sustainable fiber-based packaging in Europe, serving both barrier-specific food and non-food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging needs. The company relies on renewable raw materials in research and production, including new fibers and industrial hemp. Their commitment to innovation is recognized worldwide through over 75 patent families, 30 awards, and over a decade of pioneering work.

The parties plan to establish ten fully integrated molded and thermoformed packaging manufacturing facilities in the United States. These will be located close to their cultivation areas and academic partnerships to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to sustainably and responsibly reshoring business activities.

“We think element6 Dynamics will be a strong economic and strategic partner for us in the U.S.,” said PAPACKS® CEO Tahsin Dag, who was named 2024 CEO of the Year in the Packaging Industry by the European CEO Awards. “The element6 Dynamics team has successfully achieved the scale we need to serve our international customers. The combination of our respective skills, knowledge, technologies and shared vision positions our partnership for success.”

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