Surprisingly History Facts of Paper Bottle and FFS Machine– John Van Wormer (1856 – 1942)

John Van Wormer, First Rectangular Milk Bottle, invention of Paper bottle,
Today we see, all our beverages in plastic, metal, and composite container (Tetra-Pak). But the current situation is, we are struggling to make a paper bottle with a sustainability factor. But one scientist had the vision to use the paper bottle for the liquid packaging – John Van Wormer (1856 – 1942).

The invention of Paper bottle

In 1915 John Van Wormer received a patent for his folded paper milk carton referred to as a “paper bottle.” Van Wormer, who owned a toy factory in Toledo, Ohio, was prompted to create a carton after dropping a glass bottle of milk. His cartons were delivered to dairies flatten form. The dairy could then fold, fill and seal the cartons. Because the cartons could be thrown away instead of reused, Wormer’s product was called “Pure-Pak.”

First FFS machine 

Ten years later, Van Wormer had created a machine to form, fill, and seal the paper Pure-Pak containers. The American Paper Company later acquired the patent and worked to perfect the machines building the first six between 1929 and 1934.
First Rectangular Milk Bottle
The invention is related to the making of the container with the paper in a rectangular shape, and it was for the use of a milk bottle. The paper bottle is intended for liquid products, which were improved and highly efficient form and construction.
A particular object is to provide a construction whereby practical and efficient manufacturing may be employed to make a said bottle. 
The purpose of making the paper bottle was to give the proper mouth opening for the effective sealing and be quickly filled with milk or other liquids—the incursion of the flap on the top and bottom wall to give the satisfactory and robust character. 
John Van Wormer, First Rectangular Milk Bottle, invention of Paper bottle,
John Van Wormer (1856 – 1942)
The nature and advantages of the improved bottle will, however, after this more fully appear.
  1. Small and restricted Mouth – It produced a first rectangular milk bottle with a small or restricted mouth accommodated for usage as a milk bottle. 
  2. Sealing – As a small opening, it is feasible to seal it efficiently. So, it was a great and economical bottle made from a single paper blank.
  3. Less Wastage – The paper bottle intended to create less waste with the use of a blank cut with the long flaps at one edge opposite the short flaps at the other edge. The cutting of the flaps, in the manner shown, does not produce any waste at all. Also, it is practical to cut blanks of this kind by machinery.
Please read the whole invention of the paper bottle at the google patent website:



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