Multipacks of cans with Keelclip technology



Coca-Cola HBC has successfully begun the rollout of KeelClip technology in The Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Austria as the first move in its commitment to substitute plastic wrap on all can sell multipacks in its European Union markets. The action will save more than 3,000 metric tonnes of CO2 and 2,000 metric tonnes of plastic every year.
This new “Grip&Go” packaging results from a €15 million investment by the company is an essential partnership with Graphic Packaging International (Graphic Packaging) and forms part of a complete commitment by the Coca-Cola HBC and its partner The Coca-Cola Company to create a more sustainable approach to packaging. The rollout beyond all the companies EU markets plus Switzerland will be finished by early 2022.
Marcel Martin, Group Director at Coca-Cola HBC, said: “By investing in this innovative new technology and we directly support our customers and their customers by providing a more sustainable packaging setup. At the same time, we are transferring on our commitment to make a more positive environmental result.”
Alan Crawford, Trading Director, SPAR/EUROSPAR Ireland, said: “Coca-Cola HBC has taken a leadership situation in the soft drink category, including a new and exciting type of packaging. The move to the fresh KeelClip and paperboard packaging will eliminate a significant amount of packaging from our supply chain, which is essential for us as an organization and our environment.
The presence of the multipack cans in KeelClip packaging is also more engaging to our customers, so we assume the change to support increased sales as well as taking a significant sustainability position.”
As an element of the initial agreement with Graphic Packaging, Coca-Cola HBC will install 11 KeelClip machines in seven countries to supply the solution across all its EU countries.
Steve Gould, new product developing and marketing director of the beverage division at Graphic Packaging, said: “We are dedicated to working with Coca-Cola HBC to deliver this interesting discovery. We will continue to promote the continuous rollout and commercialization across Coca-Cola HBC’s EU markets and are fascinated to be partners in this endeavor.”

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