iPhone 13 box packaging is a way ahead of other’s brand phone packaging

This year Apple launched the iPhone 13 series in September 2021, and as part of its environmental awareness program against harming the environment, the Apple company has redesigned the box packaging. iPhone 13 will be entirely omitting plastic wraps around the boxes when the new phones are dispatched.

iPhone 13 box packaging

Apple declared that eliminating the layer of plastic over an iPhone box would mean lessening “600 metrics tons of plastic wrap”. The company thinks of eradicating the use of plastic in all of its product packaging by 2025.

Instead, the plastic wrap will be substituted by a new tear-off tab made entirely out of paper at the top and bottom side of the iPhone 13 box. The paper is glued to the box and can be opened/torn of a tab just once. 

The plastic wrap function is just for the customer’s tamper-proof, but can quickly wrap it with another customer. There is nothing like tamper-proof in the previous packaging of the iPhone 12 box. But in iPhone 13 box, packaging contents are intact during shipping, and make sure consumers get a new iPhone13 box package that has not been opened or tampered with before with a pull tab options.

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Paper wrap on iPhone 13

Last year, iPhone12 box packaging cut off a big part of their iPhone packaging when the brand chose to eliminate the charging brick from the box instead of getting them available as a standalone charger and headphones that could be separately purchased by those who want it.

Official iPhone 13 environmental report card – Click on the link

The in-box EarPods were also axed. The band received praise and blame for the move since many also saw it make more money by selling chargers separately. The new anti-plastic decision appears to be one that should be easier to comprehend and accept for users.

Offical Environmental Progress Report 2021 – Click on the link

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