Recyclable Tube Laminates solutions by GualaPack

Tube laminates are preferred packaging solutions for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and even food industry because of lightweight, safe, and hygienic, protecting against UV rays.

Cosmetic commodities such as hair care, oral care, gels, and creams in the premium section are often packed in tubes, with many advantages for tube converters and brand owners, such as cost reduction and downgauging.
Although most laminates are multi-material, connecting plastic and aluminum. As necessary, they are not fully recyclable. In recent years, reducing waste has become a fundamental issue, and consumers are more concerned about choosing eco-friendly performance.
Under Gualapack, we decided to design for recyclability, developing more sustainable solutions for flexible packaging, our focus business.
We must always produce tailor-made tube laminates with excellent performance, without aluminum, printed, and unprinted. A few years ago, we started a new family of laminates for tubes. As its name suggests, Innoweb360° allows a 360° design, an extra glossy and metallic look, and digital ink-jet printing systems.


Presently, as an outcome of our strong focus on developing sustainable and recyclable solutions, Guala has launched an utterly revolutionary range of mono-material flexible packaging.
Besides Pouch5, our recyclable stand up pouches, we are satisfied to launch on the market our new line of mono-material tube laminates.
Designed for personal care, Innoweb Mono tubes are made of a single material: PolyPropylene so that they can be collected, sorted, and recycled in the PP stream.
Our new line of mono-material laminates for tubes is:
  • 100% mono-material PP
  • aluminium-free
  • High barrier and chemical resistance, preventing the transfer of O² and moisture
  • available in white, transparent or metalized and in different thicknesses
  • InnowebMONO has obtained the prestigious HTP_CYCLOS certification, proving its suitability for recycling, with a 98% recyclability score.
  • Tubes can be correctly sorted into the PP stream and mechanically recycled into new PP resin for injection molding of non-food items.
  • The higher rigidity of polypropylene enables a thinner laminate wall, reducing the use of raw material while maintaining the tube’s desired “bounce-back” effect.
  • Perfectly compatible with AISA machines

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