Schümann presents fiber-reinforced sealing tapes for paper and plastic sacks

Source: Schümann

Sacks made of multi-layer paper, polymer films, and composite materials are standard packaging for bulk goods of all kinds. 

Increasing demands on transport safety, product protection, and hygiene regularly result in new sack variants. The quality of the sealing strips must keep pace with this. 

New hotmelt solution for higher loads

Schümann has developed a new hotmelt tape with integrated fiber reinforcement that is specially designed for the fully automated sealing of heavy and highly stressed bulk bags. It bears the product name HS6060 and is available immediately.

Packaging Products

Wherever food, animal feed, building materials, litter, or plastic granulate are transported as bulk goods, bags made of multi-layer kraft paper, polymer films, or composite materials are indispensable packaging materials. 

Multilayered Paper Tape

Increasing demands on transport safety, product protection, and hygiene are driving the development of new types of sacks and leading to innovations in the field of sealing strips. A current example of this is the new HS6060 hotmelt tape from Schümann. It is unique about a fiber reinforcement incorporated in the form of a grid, which gives the multi-layered paper tape coated with a heat sealant adhesive an exceptionally high tear resistance. 

HS6060 hotmelt tape, Schümann
The new hotmelt tape HS6060 from Schümann has a geometrically precise, lattice-shaped fiber reinforcement, which gives the multi-layered bag closure strip, which is coated with a heat seal adhesive, an exceptionally high tear resistance.

Especially for the safe packaging of bulky bulk goods or sacks, The new HS6060 from Schümann is particularly well suited for those exposed to higher loads during transport. It is now available in a width of 45 mm and 50 mm on rolls with different running lengths for fully automated packaging lines.

Alternatives and options

In the current Schümann bag closure range, manufacturers and packagers can now find hotmelt closure strips for almost all bulk bags currently on the market. Because based on many decades of experience in handling adhesives and paper, the company is continuously working on further optimizing hotmelt tapes for the safe and efficient sealing of sack packaging. 

In the area of ​​unreinforced bag closures – depending on customer requirements – several other factors come into play. For example, the unique recipe of the heat seal glue or the remarkable homogeneity of the applied coating, the subsequent, process-integrated incorporation of a tear-off tape, or the individual printing of the strips with safety instructions advertising slogans.

Optimized for AGV lines

Hotmelt tapes for the automatic closing of so-called combination sacks occupy a large part of the current bag closure portfolio. They consist of an inner polyethylene sack and an outer, printable paper jacket and are often processed in fully automated packaging lines using the FTS (Fold-Tape-Seal) method. 

hotmelt tapes for the mechanical closing of combination sacks take up a large part of the Schümann bag closure portfolio. 
They are often processed in fully automated packaging lines using the FTS (Fold-Tape-Seal) method.

Solvent-free hotmelt adhesive

The Schümann tapes, specially designed for this technology, are characterized by a solvent-free hotmelt adhesive that can be activated at a relatively low heating temperature and binds any dust particles present when they penetrate the sackcloth. 

These sealing strips are convincing as a very reliable solution. After the automatic multiple folding of the upper sack edge, form an ideal dust-tight closure of the sack packaging.

With the provision of its new HS6060, Schümann is responding to the growing need of many bulk material packers to close their paper or combination sacks with safe and more resilient hotmelt tapes. Finally, the German company is thus underlining its position as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of innovative sealing means for sacks, bags, and cardboard boxes. 

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