Innovative Masterbatch for PET bottle to increase shelf life – Clariant CESA ProTech

Clariant, a focused, creative, and entrepreneurial specialty chemical company, published the creation of a recently patent-protected oxygen scavenger additive masterbatches – CESA ProTect.

CESA ProTech for Beverages and Beer Industry

The new additive masterbatch for the PET bottle, although it is also advantageous for additional polyester-based materials. It is a universal use for soft-drink and water bottles; PET has many advantages. Compared to other polymers, it has superior transparency, is food contact compliant, and convenient to process.

The active masterbatch CESA ProTect let not down the ingress of oxygen through the container’s PET wall. CESA ProTect is activated only after processing, and PET-treated containers are preserved after production and can be packed and shipped. CESA ProTect is also fit for cold chain distribution as it has performed well when used on refrigerated products.

Use of Innovative Masterbatch for PET bottle to increase shelf life.

Calculation of Shelf life

To calculate how long it will protect food and beverages by this unique masterbatch CESA ProTech, Decortes says, depends on several factors, including additive filling, SKU size, and their design. 

  1. Blended Masterbatch PET bottle shelf life

During testing of a 23g, 0.5-liter bottle, a 3,6% loading of CESA ProTect masterbatch firmly held oxygen (O2) levels below 1 ppm for 588 days or longer than 18 months. 

2. Without Masterbatch PET bottle shelf life

Without masterbatch, PET bottle sustained levels below 1 ppm for just 22 days, and a competing oxygen scavenger endured only 63 days. Moreover, having just 2%, CESA ProTect masterbatches were observed and beneficial for 266 days.

Impact strength of PET bottle with masterbatch

CESA ProTect masterbatch also seems to have little, if any, impact on mechanical properties of the packaging. When CESA ProTect used at prescribed dosages, finished containers of different SKUs and designs keep a level of transparency in the industry with market expectations.

Compatibility of Product

The food product is exceptionally compatible with PET CESA ProTect masterbatch and does not impact processing. But, Food contact approvals are pending. Target marketing is the food and beer industry.

“Based on these analysis outcomes,” says to Alessandro Dulli, Global Head of Segment and Business Development, Packaging, “We conclude that CESA ProTect is one of the most convincing oxygen-scavenging masterbatches on the market.”

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