Pack The Future Award – Frog Closures

Heinz Plastics and Werner & Mertz were able to successfully launch in the category “Ecodesign,” “Heinz Plastics Böhm is very delighted about this award and closure on the Frosch bottles, Norbert Köhlerschmidt at the award ceremony.

“Jointly with Heinz Plastics, able to create an innovation regarding sustainable packaging, making plastic from post-consumer recycles usable.
100% rPP from the yellow sack, this closure is made of 100% polypropylene recyclate (rPP) from the yellow bag. The folding hinge closures are made by the HEINZ PLASTICS Böhm GmbH
Werner & Mertz has been using standard equipment for the sustainable FROSCH cleaning agents since 2017. rPP having the third post-consumer recycled plastic as part of the Recyclate Initiative. The green color is also sustainable thanks to Cradle-to-Cradle® Masterbatch, prepared by Clariant. The closure is wholly recyclable, creating a closed material cycle that hardly pollutes the environment.

Vihaan Nagal

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