The True Honey Co.


This consideration has created packaging that truly reflects The True Honey Co.’s premium product and honesty-driven brand positioning.

When Marx Design briefed, it immediately knew this was an opportunity to design an exceptional piece of product. After much consideration, developed a brand new on TTHC’s values of honesty and transparency.
As this is only honey which purchased online, the packaging requires a significant role in the brand experience, & developed into a canvas to convey the values of the company.
So, we worked closely with Think Packaging to create a unique protective packaging Manuka honey, that doesn’t require bubble wrap, foam filler or nasty petrochemicals. The True Honey Co. uses MGO to measure Manuka’s quality. Large, modern typography highlights our pride in our honey in a bold, yet humble manner. Each finish was worked over-complicated illustrations, foils used on the black part, high-builds and textured finish on the labels.


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