Cooking oil bottle made entirely from recycled content – Amcor

• Amcor worked with Alianza Team to start the first bottle in Colombia for cooking oil produced with all recycled content

• The global leader in developing and manufacturing responsible bottles is partnering with Alianza and different organizations to overcome the problems often encountered with recycling cooking oil bottles

Amcor Rigid Packaging (ARP) has built a more responsible bottle for one of the country’s most popular ingredients – cooking oil. It is the first cooking oil bottle in the country made from 100% recycled content.

“ARP worked with Gourmet to build more further sustainable bottles for the edible cooking oil industry,” declared Alexander Alvarez, general manager of ARP Colombia. “The Amcor partners in Cali, Colombia, partnered with resin suppliers and implemented their knowledge and expertise to produce a bottle that was made fully from recycled content.”

ARP refined its bottles to assure it is safe, causes no change in taste, and is transparent while keeping Gourmet’s visual branding.

“One of our central drivers is sustainability, and we are committed to producing a circular economy inside the cooking oil industry,” replied Luis Alberto Botero, president and CEO of Alianza Team, Gourmet’s parent company. “ARP operated with us to build bottles from recycled content that decreases the requirement for virgin resin. This supports us decrease our production of garbage and fulfill Alianza’s promise of Feeding a Better Tomorrow.”

The Gourmet bottles are presently designed to be recycled. Though, Acoplasticos, a nonprofit organization that represents companies in the chemical production supply chain, determines that of all the 12 million bottles put on the market each day in Colombia, only 3 million are recycled.1 This is primarily because Colombia’s widespread recycling infrastructure cannot adequately exclude oil residue from its packaging.

“While Gourmet has operated informative chemical recycling pilot tests, we are operating with them to expand this project across the country,” said Alvarez. “We think they could be recycled into other items like light posts or hatches for boats. We are supporting consumers to work with us to ensure that these bottles are correctly recycled.”

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