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WACKER finds a way out of a sticky situation with BucketBox

Trying to find the right solution for packing a new gum base premix for chewing gum production can be a sticky situation.

WACKER, a worldwide chemical company, has been struggling hard to develop a new gum base premix to make chewing gum. And the part of the difficulty was to get a sustainable chewing gum packaging solution for it. It goes to the heart of their approach to find responsible packaging solutions.
For making the chewing Gum, the hot molasses need to be pack on 110° C in the container. The product change from melting to a solid-state after three days. The bucket made with non-recycled plastic with 3 complex pieces. 
 Typically, non-recyclable plastic buckets and complex 3-piece boxes with thick silicon barriers are used for this type of production.
It was no longer an advantage due to the final product upon cooling down, not separating well from the packaging. The 3-piece corrugated box design was also awkward to handle.
Mondi accepted the challenge and gave a solution with various features in a single packaging. The packaging was leakage-proof, heat resistance, food-grade, and also a complete recyclable. 
Having Mondi’s EcoSolutions approach, packaging experts worked closely with Wacker to conclude what the packaging and sustainability specifications were for this product? And how the product would be used at production and stored.
Mondi technicians tasked to design a one-piece corrugated box with no open flute. It helps with handling and storage and also in addition to being recyclable in paper waste streams. The Mondi expert teams give the best suitable packaging in the extrusion coatings business.

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