Wash-off Label and adhesive with a unique feature for PET bottle

Wash-off Label, Wash-off, innovative ideas, 62Rpw, unique adhesive
Source: HERMA
Herma working on the wash-off label has a specific feature – when PET bottle will go for recycling, the label will not have a residue left.

The HERMA has an excellent vision for the end to end recycling innovative ideas for a sustainable environment. It can successively convert used PET bottles into as new is no longer a vision, but has long since become a truth.

What does it mean by the Wash-off label?

During the recycling of the PET bottle, prior, we need to remove the label from the surface of the bottle. The adhesive of the sticker permits the bond securely with the PET label. And during recycling, This unique character of adhesive enables it to be separated from the PET surface later.
Soon, HERMA will introduce the wash-off adhesive for the 62Rpw label, which has given the high purity of PET pellets during the recycling process. There will be no left part of the label and adhesive on the bottle.
Unlike cascading, the resulting endless cycle ranks amongst the essential requirements of a sustainable market. The area of focus not only on beverage PET bottles but also on cleanser bottles, soap containers, and cans for food and makeups bottles. The HERMA adhesive, made for the 62Rpw label, allows the characteristics of reliable adhesion and excellent resistance to the impacts of moisture. Conventional industrial cleaning processes are nevertheless capable of excluding it without a trace.
HERMA has been ready to realize this hitherto elusive mixture of characteristics acknowledgments to innovative multi-layer technology. The middle layer allows the adhesive to bond securely with the label. And therefore enable it to be removed entirely from the PET surface later. This unique adhesive made accessible initially with a wet-strength and alkali-proof paper and a PP layer film.
The label – HERMAcoat greaseproof (grade 228) and HERMA PO transparent (grade 846), approved from the Institute cyclos-HPT. And also available recommending the recyclability in combination with the 62Rpw adhesive.
Further, two more label materials made of the film – HERMA PP white extra tc (grade 880) and HERMA PP, 50 transparent tc (grade 885) will get certificates shortly. All of those materials are becoming for utilizing PET containers and bottles. In the HERMA lab, each of the label substances with the new adhesive 62Rpw obtained a wash-off rate of 100 percent as per the strict specifications required by the Petcore test protocol version 1.4. Petcore is an EU trade organization comprising the entire PET supply chain from manufacturers to users and recycling enterprises.


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