A high-tack adhesive label is in demand for personal care packaging

Many companies are in the labeling industry having a smarter future by advising a new high-tack adhesive for film labeling. It uses for home and personal care and food applications as per the required substrate. 

Paper and adhesive companies work togetherly in this area and give the options as per demanding surface are required. 
The market has a complete range of variables such as shape, sizes, weight, and materials, which need to be a challenge for the adhesion of labeling. The home and personal care businesses have the exception of diversity.
Also, the requirement to design further sustainable packaging solutions is directing to lighter-weight containers. As well as rising the amounts of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content – Both of which perform special needs for labeling. For example, packaging having PCR as a raw material may act uneven surfaces to the label, creating it more challenging to adhere to the label reliably during dispensing.
High-Tack Adhesive Label
From the company – UPM Raflatac’s suggest us to use high-tack RP670 adhesive satisfies the needs for strong adhesion. Also, in rugged and hard surfaces, which may cause difficulties in standard multipurpose label materials. Determining the right material can assist in preventing issues like darting, tunneling, wrinkles, bubbles, and edge lift, shielding the brand image for the lifetime of the product. This adhesive fit for HDPE, PP, PET, glass, and metal packaging.

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