What should be the resolution for the packaging technologist?

Every year calendar changes, but this year packaging technologists can have a new task. Probably, this time the company wants its products in new innovative sustainable packaging. Also, several countries have modified the regulation to single-use plastics.

The developing country’s businesses mainly focus on cost reduction, either it would be plastic or paper-based material. The packaging technologist won’t determine the carbon footprint, but the calculation in terms of cost-effective. Definitely, it would be sustainable packaging if there is cost-effectiveness packaging. The cost decrease can be in terms of only the squeezing of packaging material. Like thickness decrease, switch in material type, change in packaging type, transport pack, etc.
The resolution for the packaging technologist this year2020 to calculate the amount of carbon footprint from the very beginning to the end of product recycling. Then only we can say we have established new sustainable packaging with all the data for the estimation of life cycle assessment.
But the developed countries packaging technologists a way ahead in terms of the innovated solution introduced in verticle packaging. Like biodegradable, oxo-degradable, or also paper-based solutions adopted in many of the products. And also, research going on to increase the degradation properties when it goes to the landfill. They had also adopted the life cycle assessment of plastic to calculate the packaging life from the starting to the end-use.
Possibly this year, many companies will come with their vision to overcome the usage of plastic or no more plastic theory. The bio-degradable options are available almost in every type of packaging like labeling, adhesives, rigid plastic, flexible packaging, etc.
Many companies forwarded to introduced a new design in existing recycling methods (such as chemical recycling, innovative plastic granules, additives).
The main task also for the packaging engineer to educate his customers to experience the packaging material. If the customer is eligible to learn the effectiveness of packaging to nature, it only will get impact the change in earth restoration.

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