Alternative to plastic straws : Coconut straw

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Best Alternative to Plastic Straws

It is a breakthrough in packaging – introduced in the Indian market segment, i.e., Coconut leaf straws. We all know what problem is going to be solved with this invention of the product. The world eye is on the alternative to plastic straws or also other single-use plastic, and everybody is looking, how plastic can be useful if there is no alternative. So, Prof Saji Varghese, Christ University came with a new solution, i.e., the coconut leaf straw. The outcome, which is eco-friendly and alternative to plastic straws.

Process of Making the coconut straw

The three steps of cleaning are required to make it. 
The dry leaf is cut out and then rolled to make a narrow cylindrical tube type along the length applying a water-resistant food-grade adhesive. The coconut adhesive tube is then immersed in wax to retain moisture and extend the shelf life. 

Properties of Coconuts straw

The food-grade adhesive is applied as a binding layer of the leaf, composing it free of chemicals. Straw is approximately 4 to 8 inches in length and 3-13 mm diameter (as per mandrel diameter). 
So, Prof Saji Varghese, Christ University, has received nearly 20 million orders and been generating impact. The straws have been able to stop the burning of coconuts leaves, have played a part in decreasing the usage of plastic straws, and have empowered women in rural communities through employment. 

How the professor got the idea of coconut straw?

In 2018, suddenly, he thought about the coconut leaf usage innovatively. When he walked around on his college campus, he noticed that the coconut tree dropped their leaf every year. 
Then the professor carried out research and observed out that coconut leaves are fired unused in rural areas. He then chose to come out with an eco-friendly product from it.
Sample of the coconut straw sent to nations like Malaysia, the united state of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Spain, and many European countries, where the professionals approved the straw and placed the order 18million, he said. He placed their set up three locations in villages of Madurai, Kasargod, and Tuticorin.


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