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There is no such secret that food packaging is a very critical role in the environmental impact. When we purchase the food item from the market, it always comes with the packaging (generally plastic packaging), and it needs proper recycling.

The packaging has a general principle to protect, preserve, and advertisement for the food product.
The option is to pack the food product, such as plastic, glass, aluminum, TIN, paper, biodegradables, Paperboard, and composites. Now we have a limited stock of packaging material in reserve except plastic, and plastic has made a severe impact on earth nature. The total plastic, which has 66%, is currently using in food packaging.
The best available option is to go with sustainable and biodegradable packaging material. The biodegradable cannot be measured through the sustainability factor.
So, many companies made from plant-based plastic to compostable materials, biomass to edible wrapping, and compiled an overview of amazing innovative brands working to bring more sustainable food packaging solutions to shelves across the world.
I am sharing the 14 innovative Sustainable Packaging Solution Supplier that can enhance the brand impression with the plant-based biodegradable option.
Sustainable Packaging Solution Supplier for food packaging:
No. #1 Arekapak
This company is a sustainable startup and developed an inspiring natural packaging solution from sun-dried areca palm leaves. The leaves of the Areka palm fall and assembled. They are washed and soaked. Dried in the sun. And finally pressed into shape. The packaging is ready for use. Arekapak’s 100% natural snack boxes are ideal as a POS presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables but can also be used by consumers as plates for picnics. The material is 100% biodegradable and free from chemicals.
Source: Arekapak
No. #2 Bio Futura
The company has a worldwide team that is specialized in compostable packaging solution provider. And it made from 100% renewable sources. For more than decades, they offer sustainable options for regular plastic disposable tableware. They help with their products and share information on their sustainable partners that can help you compost or recycle them after use. Collectively work on circular solutions, and it delivers the specialist in sustainable disposables. 
Source: BioFutura
No. #3 BioPak
They say we are the champion of compostable packaging material as the ideal way to pack where food contamination is prevalent. They’re focused on decreasing tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastic used in foodservice ware by offering eco-friendly alternatives. Our commitment to innovation has introduced industry-leading products such as the tree-free BioCane range – made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Made from plants, designed for the circular economy.
Source: BioPak
No. #4 Ecopack
They are the best supplier of paper-based food packaging with high standard quality and functional properties. Constant research and development activities on medium and long-term projects are the basis of Ecopack’s innovation – Sustainable packaging solution for food packaging. We work in close partnership with customers, partners, and research institutes, such as the University of Torino, continuously developing more sustainable solutions for food packaging.
Source: Ecopack
No. #5 NotPla
It is made from the most paper-based products combine synthetic chemicals that act as a water and oil repellent. It has specially sourced the paperboard for our box to be free of these materials.
The paperboard includes grass into the pulp, resulting in a saving of over 250kg of CO2 and more than 3000L of water per tonne compared to conventional fresh fiber carton board.
Source: Notpla
Oceanium is developing food & nutrition products and marine-safe, home compostable bio-packaging materials from sustainably-farmed seaweed. They are working an innovative biorefinery approach; Oceanium will extract valuable food ingredients including protein, fiber, and nutraceuticals, to adhere to the growing demand for vegan, sustainably-cultivated food constituents with a transparent provenance.
So, they using innovative green chemistry, Oceanium will make a home compostable and marine-safe bio-packing material to succeed in current food packaging, which has no end of life solutions. 
Oceanware will be 100% natural, and its end of life solution is to be disposed of with food waste which will then be composted for soil health or anaerobic digestion for energy. 
Source: Oceanium
No. #7 Repaq
This German technology scout and product developer specialize in recyclable product development, focusing on compostable solutions for packaging that close the organic cycle. Its innovative film composite comprises 90% cellulose, 5% water, 4% glycerin, and 1% binders and printed with water-based inks. Repaq’s preservative and softener-free product range include pouches, stick packs, and flow packs, a broad mix of and is suitable for food packaging. In October 2019, they won the innovation award at the Anuga Taste Show for the first garden compostable cheese packaging available on the market. As an expansion of their entirely garden compostable product line, they are set to release their Doypack this September. 
No. #8 Storaenso
The renewable materials company—Scandi giant Stora Enso is one of the world’s leading providers of renewable packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction, and paper. It develops and produces innovative solutions eco-friendly packaging solution for food packaging for a wide range of industries, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Many of Stora Enso’s products are low-carbon alternatives to fossil-based counterparts.
No. #9 Sulapac
Hailing from Finland, this startup is committed to accelerating the plastic waste-free future with beautiful and functional materials. The result is an exciting range of microplastic-free and fully biodegradable products, such as straws and jars from wood and other plant-based materials. Its unique line of sustainable packaging solution for food packaging that can be mouldable Sulapac® materials allows manufacturers to design packaging that caters precisely to their brand’s needs.
Source: Sulapac
No. #10 TIPA
TIPA® was founded in 2010 as an innovative plastic alternative packaging solution with the same end-of-life as organic matter. By promoting the same durability, transparency, sealability, printability, and shelf-life as its fossil-fuel-based counterpart, TIPA® can decompose within 180 days. In addition to having claimed numerous awards, the team at TIPA® is proud to call brands and products, such as Waitrose Duchy’s organic bananas and JustBio’s dry foods, its customers.
No. #11 Vegware
Vegware’s eco-friendly packaging solution for food packaging which is food-safe catering disposables. It is designed to carry hot foods and drinks straight to consumers’ doorsteps. The UK-based foodservice packaging company’s award-winning products include everything from cups and cutlery to salad boxes and sushi trays. 
Source: Vegware
No. #12 ALPLA
This Austrian corporation prides itself on being one of the world’s leaders in the development and production of plastic packaging solutions, including systems, bottles, closures, and molded parts. ALPLA Group is committed to recycling plastics. “Our ultimate goal is resource-efficient production without any loss of water and materials, with the help of renewable energies and sustainable, recyclable materials in a friendly working environment.” ALPLA’s established customer base includes Werner & Mertz (Frosch) and Arca Food UK’s new ‘Eco Bottle.’
No. #13 Zume
It is a Revolutionary pack of eco-friendly packaging solution for food packaging with anti-leak features and ideal for food delivery. They are producing the unimaginable possible packaging material. Zume’s recently launched biodegradable anti-leak variety of products aims to eradicate plastics and styrofoam from invading our waterways and landfills. While providing you the functionality you need. Their products are made and sourced through a global network of partners. 

No. #14 Paptic
This Finnish brand is a pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution. Founded in 2015 Esa Torniainen, Karita Kinnunen-Raudaskoski, and Tuomas Mustonen, the trio’s reusable and recyclable alternative material to plastic films Paptic® was first released in 2018. All Paptic® packaging materials are made of renewable, biodegradable, raw materials. Its products designed especially for the food industry, including food service bags and grocery bags.
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