ecovio – certified compostable polymer from BASF

The uses for ecovio are plastic films in various types like bags for collecting organic waste, veggie bags, carry bags with dual-use (first for shopping, then for organic waste) or horticultural films. Moreover, compostable packaging solutions – paper coating, shrink and cling films, foam packaging.
And also can be used for injection molding and thermoformed products.
It certified with the international and national standards and regulations for industrial composting.
So, thanks to its unique chemical composition. Ecovio made for the biodegraded by microorganisms and their enzymes. 
For Industrial Composting
The conditions required for composting plant – respective temperature, high moisture, prescribed oxygen content – biodegradation only needs a few weeks. 
With the innovative film ecovio, BASF gives a certified compostable polymer which also comprises variable biobased content. It consists of compostable ecoflex®, polylactic acid (PLA), and other additives. 

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