Why chemical packaging is important like any other packaging?

Mainly you will find food blog or food packaging research easily but rarely found a topic on chemical packaging. So, the main question is why we need to think about chemical packaging. 

The chemical packaging is various types, and we will discuss in brief. So, first, we will concentrate on numerous types of product as mentioned below:

  1. Agriculture Packaging
  2. Household Packaging
  3. Industrial Packaging
  4. Lab Chemical Packaging
  5. Bulk Chemical Packaging
  6. Intermediate Pharma Packaging

So, above the common is chemical, but missing is chemical packaging. These industries chemical packaging is based on copy-paste system like using packaging materials based on competitors. 

But the best thing is, our government has a standard to use this material and packaging of the product. Generally, we don’t follow these standards.

Agriculture packaging has its own standard by every country like “insecticide board committee or association.”

Household packaging product has its ISO standard related to the chemical formulation, and it’s there in SDS – safety data sheet. Each chemical is being generated with the SDS of the product, and the packaging format is also that format. 

But regrettably saying that main thing is missing like drum type – all probable information of drum is missed in SDS.

Same as another chemical packaging is has some specific standard which needs to be referred.

The primary packaging material is a drum, IBC container, metal drum – Galvanised drum, Stainless steel, mild steel, Fibreboard drum, liner, etc.

If there is little miss on the selection of right packaging, it may create a havoc situation like catching fire, compatibility of the material with the product, product formulation can change, etc. 

So let’s be clear with the next blog. 

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