A breakthrough innovation in Recyclable Tube Packaging by EsselPropack

In India, a nationwide company Essel Propack Ltd has introduced an innovation in laminated plastic tubes.
Sustainable features added in HDPE plastic tubes i.e., recycled HDPE.

It is being recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers(APR} for Essel Propack‘s Platina 250 and Green GML 300 Lamitubes. The USA, like meeting or beating the strict Association of Plastic Recyclers HDPE critical guidance standards. This success is a significant stepping forward in delivering on Essel’s sustainability responsibilities.

It is a first-of-its-kind invention in the tube packaging business, primarily for brands regarding the switch to sustainable barrier packaging compositions that are recyclable.
Essel Propack’s – Business Leadership Team mentioned, “We are happy, as this will begin the opportunity for numerous such innovations shortly. And we will proactively stretch out to every consumer to transform into this packaging form and develop the economy of scale to make this an easy adapting solution for every brand. It will allow Essel Propack to join globally with customers and help them to fulfill their sustainability commitments.”
The research team, based out in Maharashtra, India, Essel’s focussed on innovation. And they worked extensively on different designs and formulation possibilities in developing recyclable HDPE barrier tubes. The unique and complicated job to the team was to bring an innovative recycled solution in tubes without negotiating any of the functional and performance features of the tubes like quality, texture, shelf life, protection, and machinability specifications for the different types of production lines.
The use of recycle HDPE tubes in Platina and GML tubes enhances the stiffness of the tubes, permitting downgauging / reducing polymer content and serving users to deliver on their sustainability commitments.
This innovation happens at a point where customer product marketers are seeing for sustainability solutions to meet their stakeholder commitments on Reducing, Recycling, and Reusing (3 R’s) their packaging. Essel, as a reliable tube vendor to Global Consumer Brands, will proactively propose this innovation to their Associates not only to allow them to achieve their sustainability targets. But also to fulfill their responsibility towards society.


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