Automatic close the Jar Lid in Japan

People are getting amazed in Japan by this bizarre discovery. 

It seems like every day there are new videos that are stunning! This week, we want to share with you some of the latest videos on closure that have stunned us.

The term “jam lid” began trending on Twitter in Japan just the other week.

It was a bit of a weird topic to smash the news. However, after reviewing it, the reason why the humble jam lid was drawing attention became evident — Twitter user @ktzwcrrk had a video revealing a jam lid turning and closing entirely on its own, as if by magic!

The jam caught in the video is created by Aohata, one of the most famous brands in Japan. Many people had a product jar in their cupboard, so when the tweet went viral, they attempted it out for themselves and were stunned to witness that the lid moved on its own for them.

It’s unclear what drives the jar lid to move of its own volition. Aohata is yet to answer any inquiries about it, leaving us wondering whether it was specially designed to close autonomously.

The lid does close on its own, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, depending on…who knows? We just placed the cap on top of the jar without twisting it, and it turned and closed at different speeds every time. It felt like a magnetic force was at play, although no magnets were obviously involved.

We can’t have the information, but wonder what this object could be. Is it some sort of alien technology😆? Or is there some other explanation that we’re not aware of yet?

While it doesn’t seal the lid tight on the jar, it does because you can’t just open the cap after it rotates on its own — you hold to untwist it again to unlock it. If you like to close the lid tight, it needs very little force, as the automatic turn does most of the position in closing it for you.

Such videos that it’s amazing to watch. It looks like we could do this every day and not even break a sweat!

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