Innovative fiber-based bottle cap by Blue Ocean closures

The Absolut Company, part of Pernod Ricard, is performing with Blue Ocean Closures (BOC), a start-up founded in Sweden, to create an innovative natural fiber-based closure for Absolut Vodka’s iconic bottle.

Blue Ocean Closures (BOC) – fiber-based closure

Constructed from bio-based materials, the pioneering closure design decreases the quantity of plastic used in packaging by incorporating a body of sustainably sourced FSC fiber with a thin top-seal barrier layer, constructing it recyclable as paper and ocean biodegradable.

BOC and The Absolut Company will jointly design the cap for usage on current glass bottles. Further, to existing closure solutions and a chance for future packaging innovations. The collaboration will see several iterations of the cap through prototyping and testing stages in 2022, with strategies to share it commercially in 2023.

This is part of a broader initiative from The Absolut Company and Pernod Ricard to make an utterly circular business, performing with suppliers and partners to confirm that 100% of its packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. Eric Näf, Director of Packaging Development at The Absolut Company, spoke on the partnership: “We understand that cooperation across the whole value chain sits at the heart of long-term progress and true environmental, economic, and social impact.

Blue Ocean Closure, Paper based closure
Source: Blue Ocean Closure

As a circular way of consideration, we are pleased to operate with BOC to resume designing single-use materials and using packaging inventions to help the planet.” Lars Sandberg, CEO of Blue Ocean Closures, said: “We are proud to associate with Absolut Vodka to obtain an alternative cap solution to the demand. My first job was frankly on the Absolut Vodka factory floor, so I’ve seen how quality is a crucial focus across every part of the production process.” Ulrika Evermark, Community manager at Blue Ocean Closures, said: “We are eager to accept Absolut Vodka to unite us in the necessary development of our caps, alongside industry leaders such as ALPLA and Glatfelter.”

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