What is the best choice for compostable straws: paper straws or 100% plant-based PLA straws?

The 5,000-year-old tradition that started as gold tubes to consume beer today is a prominent food assistance accessory. Cold beverages, including fancy cocktails served without straws, are almost unimaginable.  

But it is approximately 500 million plastic straws. They are used each day in the US, causing an estimated 8.3 billion plastic straws to pollute the world’s beaches each year.  

The ban on plastic straws has increased momentum as a global trend across nations and service businesses, with consumers pushing for change. Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, and several others have cleared the pressing necessity for improving global waste management systems. But when it comes to compostable straws, what is your best option: paper or PLA? 

The soggy side of paper straws

Paper straws have been an excellent addition to a healthier planet vision as they do not require 200 years to decompose like plastic straws. While biodegradable and compostable, they come with restrictions. 

PLA straws, PLA straw

The limitations of paper straws

  • Tend to lose shape and get soggy
  • It can leave a poor taste in your mouth, often from the glue used to put them collectively
  • Need more extra energy and resources to manufacture than plastic straws
  • It May was not recyclable
  • Fascinating paper straws have wax and film coating, affecting their decomposing time.
  • May receive chroropropanols that can be carcinogenic also mutagenic or reprotoxic chemicals
  • May hold PFAs

Plant-based PLA straws are cheaper than paper, more reliable than plastic

Produced from renewable sources of corn starch, compostable PLA straws are the best sustainable option for plastic straws. Unlike paper straws, PLA straws do not get soggy when wet. PLA straw look, feel, and purpose the same as plastic straws but are commercially compostable.  

Matched to other PLA straw, Evanesce straws are manufactured from high-quality polymer blends with fast crystallization manufactured in the USA.  

The main characteristics of PLA straws include:

  • Certified BPI compostable
  • Free from BPA, phthalates, and different plasticizers
  • Excellent functional strength
  • Suitable for cold and warm drinks (up to 185°F/ 85°C)
  • Various options, including straight, flexible, cocktails, and cut-tip and obtainable in multiple colors and sizes
  • Customizable printing is possible on the packaging

How is paper straw manufactured for future sustainable demand?

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