Know How – Guala Closure, Best Innovation ever in tamper evident solution

Worldwide, one problem has to face the tampering issue in the packaging material. The main concerned area is liquor pharmaceuticals and food industry because it is human consumption items. Millions of Packaging material for the numerous premium brands of wines are counterfeited; it presumes that it may be chances of refilling with deadly products, which may lead to severe consequences.

So, from the last 60 years, the Guala Closures Group has been providing the cutting-edge solution to counter the issue of tampering.

The Group has innovated an extensive range of solutions, including customized caps to meet the requirements of the market and its standards: range from the simplest “Tamper Evident” technologies to more complicated and compact valve systems, sometimes using up to 13 components in a single closure

Types of Tamper Evident system
1. TE with bridges
2. Automatic external TE band
3. Automatic internal TE band
4. Tear-off TE band
5. Cap cover with tear-off TE band

Advantages of using Guala Closures:

Non- Refillable system
An NR valve, a non-refillable for a medium/high level of assurance
A customized designed pourer design that makes the product dripping down through the neck
Controlled flow rate

Superior protection system
Better protection for businesses in which there is a high risk of refilling issue
A complicated valve system, with up to three different valves and plastic or glass balls
Controlled flow when pouring




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