100% biobased polypropylene (Bio-PP) products – PACCOR


The PACCOR, a leading global player in the packaging industry, is active in producing 100% biobased polypropylene (Bio-PP) goods for Orkla, a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery out-of-home, available retail, pharmacy, and bakery sectors in the Nordics. With PACCOR’s CARE strategy, the company developed and accelerated decarbonization efforts along the value chain.

100% Bio-PP

PACCOR began the testing with the 100% Bio-PP and Orkla in its Finnish production site in Hämeenlinna. The material comprises renewable resources and follows the ISCC certified mass balance principle – a chemical industry standard for controlling and tracing sustainability characteristics of circular and bio-based materials in a complex value chain. In extension to the site in Finland, the PACCOR production site in Ravensburg, Germany, also has ISCC certification.

We are satisfied that we are now ready to switch production from virgin fossil to biobased PP,” describes Andreas Schütte, CEO of PACCOR. “PACCOR is an industry frontrunner in sustainability. We aim to accelerate circularity and bioeconomy in plastics.”

The PACCOR is one of the leading rigid plastic manufacturers to produce bio-PP products. In this case, it is an entirely recyclable transparent bowl for quick frozen meals. After successful pilot programs, PACCOR is presently looking forward to offering its new biocomposite to business partners worldwide.

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Our collaboration with the PACCOR is a good example of how a pioneering material can be performed in food applications and can support to meet consumer demand for more sustainable products,” says Elna Hallgard, Development Manager Packaging at Orkla.


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