Alpina company introduced a new design

Alpina company introduced a new design-PackagingGURUji

Alpina company turned to the design and name for a new brand of premium beer, created by GetBrand.

Alpina company introduced a new design-PackagingGURUji


Khakassia is a land of amazing hills, scenic valleys, and clear rivers. The Yenisei River flows and the Sayan Mountains, one of the most beautiful peaks in Russia, are inhabited.

The new brand should transmit the primeval nature, the purest water from its arterial well, the unique ecosystem of this region – all these advantages.

Hakan meaning in the Turkish language is a warrior and a defender. The image represents a daring warrior-conqueror conveys the noble and determined character of the new brand.

A vivid image of a brave warrior, modern laconic graphics, a different label – formed a powerful visual layer.

A compelling contextual layer displayed the “beer of the native land,” made it viable to stand out in the store.

After starting the store, Hakan instantly won the hearts of customers and gave the client with steady sales in regions and surrounding areas.



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