Story of Happy Water Melons

This is a story about farmer not getting directly to the customer, facing three main design challenges in perishable packaging and getting one solution to succeed them.

Fresh food producers usually try to find a way to support and highlight their outputs among the wide variety available on supermarket shelves.

So, Turkish watermelon producer recently originated a solution that ticks all these boxes – a different corrugated carton with a handle on top and front product window for easy carrying and storage, as well as excellent presentation potentialities.
Thanks to our packaging solution team, so, that farmer was able to enter supermarkets with his product – packaging plays a significant role in retailers’ decision-making when assessing competing suppliers.

Challenge 1: Enhanced product clarity
Perishable food marketing based on how the product looks. The fresh product can only be distinguished with the opportunities given to stand out from the crowd.

Challenge 2: Sustainability and food waste
With approximately one-third of the food delivered globally (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) according to waste, the market needs to create solutions that stop further food loss.
The packaging of a product is packaged a big part in serving to limit the quantity of discarded food.

Challenge 3: Efficient transport, storage, and display

Typically, supermarkets display premium watermelons in plastic trays or other corrugated containers. This sort of bulk packaging cannot be accumulated in trucks, occupies a lot of storage space, and is challenging to present appealingly. Added major challenge, for the customer, is carrying the watermelon home. In many cases, watermelons are placed in a plastic bag at the till – certainly not the most convenient means of transporting dense fresh food.


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