Plastic waste is not waste – The Malaysian government

Plastic waste is not waste - The Malaysian government-PackagingGURUji

Malaysian Perak Department of Environment (DOE) has given its confidence that the plastic garbage can be an option of fuel is safe.

According to the director, Norazizi Adinan said based on analysis, the waste collected from local vendors throughout the country did not include toxic or hazardous substances.

“Every month collected through 40 regional suppliers and the list of waste having complete data such as the weight, and all taken with necessary data,” he said.

It starred a 6-m high mound of waste deep in the Malaysian jungle here including food packaging or plastic waste from outside countries.

Commenting on the general waste, Norazizi said the department is not responsible for ensuring all waste given by local suppliers were from internal sources.

“The warehouse is still under construction and to provide the zero waste solution to the local industries; we need to store the material somewhere.

Resource Asia (M) Sdn Bhd received within 3 to 4.5 tonnes of wastes a month from the suppliers, which mean to be recycled as treated engineered fuel as an alternative fuel to produce cement. – Bernama



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