The Stora Enso delivers new low-carbon material for microwavable ready-meal trays

Trayforma by Stora Enso is a unique wood fiber-based element composition intended for microwavable food tray packaging. The renewable material is available of PET, has a meager share of PP, and has a lesser carbon footprint than traditional meal tray products. The material includes up to 95% wood fibers, making it generally recyclable in most existing carton packaging recycling plans. 

The Microwaveable meals are typically packed in fossil-based PET trays as the material is protected for heating. The Stora Enso’s Trayforma material replaces fossil-based plastics with renewable, light-weight paperboard that significantly lowers the carbon footprint of every tray. Exchanging to recyclable, low-carbon trays, brand owners and retailers selling the microwave ready-meals can work on circular economy responsibilities.

“With consumers higher than ever before making sustainably informed purchasing decisions, packaging materials play a key role in allowing an eco-friendly stock. Additionally, a key operator for the continued growth of high-quality ready-meals is urban, small households examining convenience. With Stora Enso’s different material compositions, trays made with Trayforma fit the recyclability demands in a circular economy while resting safe for microwave heating,” says Tuomas Puonti, VP, Head of Business Line LPB Fresh & FSB.

Fiber-based packaging is the various recycled material in Europe (83%), and every year European countries reclaim more extra fibers than other materials, like plastic and glass. The latest Trayforma PP by Stora Enso also assures fiber-based trays fit subsisting fiber recovery and recycling operations in Europe. The material is up to 95% fiber-based and uses less than half of the barrier weight of successful heatable materials.

When a biodegradable coating is used, these fiber-based trays are compostable in areas where biowaste is collected. Trayforma Bio by Stora Enso is a bio-based and biodegradable material certified for industrial composting, indicating it will fully biodegrade fast enough (under 12 weeks) to be recovered at an industrial scale. 

Trayforma ready-meal trays are also ready with a PET coating when conventional heating is needed.

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