Wisecap made ASTERIX cap: tiny but strong, resistant to any pressure

ASTERIX is the innovative plastic closure produced in Wisecap for the latest GME30.40 neck finish, a new voluntary standard now occurring finalized within the European norms. 


GME30.40 neck finish refers to the 26/22 neck finishes class and has been specifically designed to achieve low weight and high-performance solutions for many drinks, with particular consideration to soft drinks.

ASTERIX was also designed to implement a concrete and satisfactory response to the new packaging specifications and, in particular, to the provisions for tethered closures.

Developing a new system neck finish/closure signifies an excellent opportunity to join the research for ever higher achievements and light-weighting of the packaging components.

ASTERIX is the outcome of these applications and of Wisecap®’s RnD activity, which has started to define a product becoming for the most extreme conditions of use. But it also describes an excellent alternative for those markets/customers who have utilized the 26mm neck for their products.

ASTERIX is available in three different tethered designs: BELTY2 – SECURECAP2 – HO2.

This is to give WISECAP® customers a wide choice that guarantees compliance with EU standards and the possibility to choose the most appropriate solution in terms of image, functionality, and consumer experience.

ASTERIX is a new technological design that combines the already broad collection of WISECAP® products, combining absolute performance with a wide range of solid solutions.

Vihaan Nagal

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