Introduced the boxes for Ultra-Low Temperature application by Softbox

The Softbox successfully supports Pfizer in the global cold chain distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Softbox Systems

The Softbox is a preeminent global innovator and provider of passive temperature control packaging clarifications for the pharmaceutical, life science, and distant chain logistics industries; It is pleased to maintain Pfizer in distributing Covid-19 vaccines through the supply of a high-performance temperature-controlled parcel shipper revealed especially for Ultra-Low Temperature applications.

Softbox supported Pfizer with increasing the highly specialized and reusable Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) shipper to help them distribute Ultra-Low Temperature vaccines and store them at Point of Use (POU) sites.

As developed by Pfizer – BioNTech, Ultra-Low Temperature vaccines use the mRNA (messenger RNA) technology and necessity be stored at temperatures within -90°C to -60°C to assure that the vaccine’s quality and efficacy is maintained. The Softbox ULT shipper can maintain the necessary temperature during the shipping of Covid-19 vaccines between -90°C to -60°C for at least ten days unopened.

Softbox temperature control packaging system

The highly innovative shipper utilizes high-performance insulation materials incorporated in a robust and reusable construction to ensure a long-term ultra-low temperature controller in conjunction with dry ice. Based on current guidelines, the Softbox ULT shipper can be started twice a day for up to three minutes at a time. This gives clinicians at Point of Use (POU) sites access to the vaccine vials needed for each day’s immunization clinics without exposing the remaining vaccine stored within the shipper to ambient temperatures, therefore assuring the integrity of the vaccine is prepared.

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When accurately managed, the Softbox ULT shipper can store vaccines for more than 30 days. Through a process called “Re-Icing,” the dry ice in the Softbox ULT shipper can be topped up, ensuring the highest thermal protection of the highly temperature-sensitive mRNA vaccines.

“Softbox’s extensive knowledge and expertise in temperature control packaging solutions and the cold chain industry was the right choice for us. They quickly understood the unprecedented task at hand that was in front of us with the distribution of the vaccine, and immediately started to work with us to develop a unique packaging system that does not misuse any precious vaccine and creates a seamless experience for customers,” said Tanya Alcorn, Vice President, Biopharma Global Supply Chain for Pfizer. “Their technical capabilities and innovative strategy helped us achieve an outstanding result in a concise period.”

Kevin Valentine, CEO of Softbox, said: “We are immensely proud to be playing such an important role in the fight against Covid-19. We worked greatly hard during 2020 to help Pfizer develop this highly innovative ULT shipper, establishing one of the world’s largest fleets of reusable temperature-controlled parcel shippers in the process and setting up two world-class service centers to support ULT shipper refurbishment.”

“It’s an immense honor to have the opportunity to support the distribution of these vital vaccines at the correct temperature, maintain their integrity and help save millions of lives.”

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