The Berry Global Teams Up with the Bhoomi to introduce the 100% sugarcane-based HDPE Bottle

100% sugarcane-based bottle

The Berry Global Group, Increase is pleased to introduce that it has partnered among the Bhoomi to launch the 100% sugarcane-based bottle for their cold-pressed cane water elixir. This 12-ounce HDPE bottle is made in Winchester, Virginia, by Berry and replaces Bhoomi’s standard PET bottle. The Bhoomi bottle is generally recyclable and is made from I am Green certified material from Braskem. The bottle allows a range of environmental benefits, including a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, decreased water use, and the removal of fossil fuel consumption. The latest bio-based bottle was proposed to select Whole Foods Markets in New York and New Jersey in August and roll out in other Texas, Louisiana, and California stores.

That is one of the first sugarcane-based bottles to be manufactured commercially by Berry. The bottle is made on Berry’s standard production line in a custom mold. “Sugarcane-based plastic bottles are one of the various sustainable packaging solutions offered by Berry Global, and the bottles fit seamlessly within our production process,” says Josh Edmonson, Business Development Manager, Berry.

As an industry conductor in sustainability, Berry Global focuses on generating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously involved partners, and optimized, eco-friendly products.


Bhoomi was acquired into a Packaging Climate Optimization project, a partnership by Climate Collaborative and Trayak, for an independent study to estimate the environmental benefits of moving to a 100% plant-based bottle. Lifecycle analysis (LCA) results revealed that using this bottle:

  • Reduced water consumption decrease by 22.0%
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption by 62.6%
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 89.5% (12 tons CO2 equivalent annually)

An actual sustainable alternative of single-use plastic – Sugarcane bottle

Bhoomi, which means “Mother Earth” in Sanskrit, has a mission to revolutionize the relationship with sugarcane in Western culture by promoting its Ayurvedic health benefits, partnering with minority farmers, and working for radical positive environmental impact. “By using a 100% sugarcane-based bottle for our water made from sugarcane, we wanted to demonstrate how the same plant could benefit both the planet and people”, says Arpit Bhopalkar, Founder, CEO, Bhoomi.

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