Launched the first-ever sustainable renewable, Push Tab Paper blister for Pharma

Push Tab Paper Blister

Huhtamaki introduced Push Tab Paper blister, an industry-first sustainable renewable solution ideal for the worldwide healthcare business.

Huhtamaki, an essential worldwide supplier of sustainable packaging solutions, and Syntegon, the German processing and packaging technology provider, published a breakthrough discovery for the pharmaceutical company. 

FSC™ certified paper

Push Tab film, the first paper-based tablet packaging, is composed of renewable FSC™ certified paper blister and is meant to match the stringent safety conditions of regulated pharmaceutical packaging. It gives consumers a more sustainable alternative to conventional push-through packaging formed of thermoformed PVC and aluminum and also helps to decrease environmental impact with the value chain.

Push Tab blister packaging has more than 75% paper-based material sourced from FSC™ certified vendors in Europe. Blending it with advanced barrier coating technology, Huhtamaki triumphantly makes the sustainable paper film packaging sealable without negotiating the safety, functionality, or protective qualities compared to conventional single-layered PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) blisters. 

Push Tab Paper blister, Push Tab blister

A unique mechanical method enables consumers to push the tablet through immediately without breaking the pills inside. The material is additionally processed and formed with Syntegon’s unique paper shaping technology and machine.

“We are proud to present a new, more sustainable packaging solution for the tablet for the healthcare sector that has high growth potential,” says Fabio Daidone, Sales Manager, Flexible Packaging, Huhtamaki. “European sales of flexible packaging in the Pharmaceuticals category had an estimated value of €1.1 billion in 2020, of which approximately 80% are in blister packaging. We are happy to help our customers respond to opportunities with Push Tab® paper, designed for circularity, which presents the first sustainable alternative for this packaging type.”

German Packaging Award

GPI: German Packaging Institute acknowledged Push Tab blister paper with the 2021 German Packaging Award for sustainability on 27th July 2021. This honor affirms the significance of Huhtamaki’s and Syntegon’s dedication to sustainable and innovative packaging concepts.


Push Tab® paper meets our joint sustainability targets to replace PVC


>75% paper from FSC™ certified sources

WVTR barrier

Barrier coating offering the best protection for your products 


Innovative perforation of the material enables easy push-through functionality

Unique touch and feel

Paper feel with brand logo and braille embossing option

Euro hole

Allows for new shelf presentation without secondary packaging

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