The revolutionary stable adhesive on Ultra-low temperature -70C for vaccine packaging

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Source: H.B. Fuller

Extreme cold-resistant adhesives for the Pharmaceutical industry: Advantra technology promotes reliable packaging at super cold storage conditions.

H.B. Fuller declared today readily available adhesive grades with hot melt advanced technology for ultimate cold storage of vaccines and medication packaging. Advantra adhesives present a secure bond at -70 C with tamper-evident fiber tear.

Securely and Reliably

Proper packaging is necessary to securely and reliably preserve and transport pharmaceutical products. It includes vaccines and medication. From the time they are satisfied continuously, they get to a patient. Adhesives play a significant role in packaging performance, individually in the face of stringent storage specifications. 

Ultra low temperature adhesive

Any vaccines need to be kept at -70 C (-94 F), which operates to complex packaging requirements and set up ultra-low-temperature freezers at vaccination centers. These storage requirements create logistics and transportation challenges for carriers and thorough preparation for national health systems. 

Advantra 9280 EU and Advantra BOLD 9480

H.B. Fuller allows readily possible extreme cold resistant adhesive grades with Advantra 9280 EU and Advantra BOLD 9480. These have been designed for challenging surfaces and harsh situations, such as short pharmaceutical packaging lines without counterpressure. Both solvents are commercially obtainable in Europe, India, Middle East, Africa (EIMEA), and globally commensurate achievement grades.

Adhesive stable with GC1 and GC2 type

The adhesive innovator has analyzed several tests with several industry-standard pharmaceutical packaging mono-carton samples at its H.B. Fuller’s Lüneburg Adhesive Academy in Germany. Specific solutions have been correctly expressed for reliable adhesion on GC1 and GC2 type carton boards. Later extensive testing, H.B. Fuller’s Advantra adhesives manifest tamper-evident fiber tear on pharmaceutical packaging and approved fiber tear after seven days of storage at -70 C and after reconditioning at refrigerator temperatures 4 C (39 F). H.B. Fuller promotes pharmaceutical companies to conduct additional testing on their specific materials before investment use. 

H.B. Fuller presents the market with expertise, extensive in-house testing capacities, and adhesive performance under commanding conditions. For more knowledge, contact its Insides Sales team here. You also can study H.B. Fuller’s Advantra packaging case and carton adhesives clarifications here. 

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