Infinity IBC Receives WorldStar Packaging Award 2021

Infinity Series IBC,
Source: Mauser Packaging

Mauser Packaging Solutions’ exciting about to announce the Infinity Series IBC has been selected as a winner in the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021.

The WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021, designed by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), acknowledges packages confirming innovation and outstanding design. Delegates elected the 2021 winners from 33 packaging associations and members of WPO who judged 345 listings from 35 countries.

“Mauser Packaging Solutions admired for receiving this prestigious award,” said Mark Burgess, President and CEO. “We are committed to providing our customers, and the market, with innovative packaging solutions that promote the circular economy, reduces our mutual impact on the environment, and exceed performance requirements.”

Infinity Series IBC – PCR

The Mauser Packaging Solutions: Infinity Series IBC is the first Composite IBC with an inner receptacle made from post-consumer resin (PCR). PCR material is created from used industrial packaging that has been assembled, sorted, and recycled in-house by Mauser Packaging Solutions according to ISO 16103:2005 standards.

The IBC highlights an innovative, 2-layer bottle that includes up to 40% PCR. Without negotiating the package’s modular design concept, the Infinity IBC gives the same benefits of reusability and recyclability as a standard Composite IBC.

The package shows the advantages of closed-loop recycling and cascading reuse and recycling principles to an industrialized packaging good. This integrated process diverts waste from landfills, decreases the consumption of raw materials and energy, and reduces emissions.

The Infinity Series IBC is a component of a more comprehensive product line that includes mono-material and multilayer plastic drums, medical waste containers, plastic pails, tight head containers, and lube oil cans made from recycled resin.

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