Top 21 New Sustainable Packaging Innovations so far in 2021 – Let’s check it

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Packaging Technology today is evolving swiftly, allowing faster development and progress, causing a speedup of the rate of change until finally, it will become exponential in packaging innovation. 

However, it is not the only innovation of packaging technology trends and leading technologies that are evolving; a lot more has improved this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19; advancing packaging professionals recognize that their performance will not stay the equivalent in the contactless world tomorrow. 

What does this mean for you? It implies staying current with new packaging innovation trends. And it signifies keeping your eyes on tomorrow to know which skills you’ll need to know to ensure a safe job tomorrow and even learn how to get there. Most worldwide packaging technologists sit back, working from home, all bows to the worldwide pandemic. 

And if you are spending most of your time at home, here are the top 21 new packaging innovation technology trends you should follow and make an attempt at in 2021 

The list of packaging innovations offers in-depth analyses, industry trends, handy statistics insights, and much more.

Sr. No. 1 – The alternative solution of Co-ex bottle with plasma coating technology – This plasma technology has its foundations in the research work carried out by the plasma technology working group at IKV on the plasma-polymer barrier and corrosion security coatings. It can be the alternative to EVOH and Nylon – PA coating. As of now, the chemical industry is using the Co-ex technology for the packaging of aggressive chemicals. This Co-Ex bottle is also not the get proper recycling kerbside program. With the new plasma, technology can have a better answer. Read the full article.  

Source: IonKraft

Sr. No. 2 3M innovates the packaging to decrease plastic use, with recycled content and bio-based plastics – Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch Scrubbers constructed with 75% post-consumer recycled plastic and encased in recyclable packaging made from 100% recycled content, submit a prime example of the developments 3M is making. 3M is performing its transformation away from new plastic immediately and aims to achieve the 125-million-pound reduction of more than five times the weight of the Eiffel Tower by the end of 2025.

Source: 3M

Sr. No. 3 – 100% Recyclable Bag-In-Box Package for Water by Scholle IPN – PFE examined a bag made with two layers of film and polyethylene (PE) caps. The outer film, made of Scholle IPN’s RecShield, is a barrier film specially created to keep unwanted flavorings from transferring into the film into the water. The inner film consists of Scholle IPN’s proprietary film technology, recognized as 2Pure, which includes scavenging technology that secures the taste of the packaged water. The testing done by PFE confronted an all-polyethylene film and cap to Scholle IPN’s innovative RecShield and 2Pure choice, accompanied by a polyethylene spout and tap. The specimens were decreased to flakes which were then extruded into pellets and then re-blown into a film that can be applied to create new flexible packaging, a genuinely circular solution. 

Source: Scholle IPN

Sr. No. 4 – Nude packaging for water bottles- In many places globally, when a plastic bottle ends up in a recycling plant, the label stick to it usually isn’t recycled. And Evian made it possible to design the bottle in such a way to eliminate the label, with the brand name and other features carved into the bottle itself.

Nude Packaging
Source: Evian

Sr. No. 5 – Futuristic paper bottles with innovative patent technologies by Pulpex – The Stora Enso and packaging technology company Pulpex join forces to industrialize eco-friendly paper bottles, and containers produce from wood fiber pulp. These renewable products will be offered an alternative for PET plastics and glass. The exclusive partnership leverages Stora Enos formed fiber technologies and converted end-products at an industrial scale.

Source: Pulpex

Sr. No. 6 – Innovative FibreForm paper tube for toothpaste and cosmetic by BillerudKorsnäs – BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm is a unique low-carbon material that provides the tube to retain its shape when squeezed without marks. That performs it unique compared to tubes created of other fiber material. FibreForm gives up to ten times deeper embossing than conventional paper, finishing amazing 3D effects and a remarkable tactile experience.

Source: BillerudKorsnas

Sr. No. 7 – Plastic eating bacteria: Chinese specialists say they have recognized a blend of marine bacteria that seems proficient in breaking down polythene, one of the universal plastics on the planet and the origin of much pollution in the world’s oceans. While the plastic-eating varieties of bacteria are now well known to the scientific community, the IoC, Chinese Academy of Sciences – Qingdao, is the first to confirm a direct link to polythene (PE). The unit said they added bacteria to specimens of PE – polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate – PET. After repeated experiments, it displayed clear that an appropriate compound of three types of bacteria was causing “apparent damage” to the polythene film, including getting “many heavy cracks and wide holes.”

Source: Image for representation

Sr. No. 8 – Paper U-straw for the milk carton by SIG – SIG’s made it possible to make Paper U-straw for its retail debut this month. CAPSA Food is the first to use this innovation for its ‘Central Lechera Asturiana’ whole milk, Spain’s number one dairy brand. The newly innovative Paper U-straw supports SIG’s ongoing endeavors to use more renewable materials.

Paper U-straw, Paper U straw
Source: SIG

Sr. No. 9 – Extend the shelf life of food by 15% with new biodegradable packaging – Introduced new biodegradable packaging to extend guacamole’s shelf life by 15%. Thanks to labels and additives extracted from the avocado itself. The project intends to generate a new biodegradable packaging system from renewable sources. It can also prolong the shelf life of food by 15%, thanks to a label with an OTR barrier function that stops the oxidation of food and the incorporation of natural antioxidants obtained from the avocado itself, which also helps decrease the use of synthetic preservatives. To accomplish this, starch from the avocado seed will be extracted and refined to achieve a film applied to create multilayer IML labels. It can have OTR barrier properties and block the oxidation of food.


Sr. No. 10 -Paper razor – From reusable totes made from fruit skins to the world’s first disposable paper razor, we’ve curated a whole collection of sustainable products that will have significant functionality in our daily lives. It’s time to go green! A paper razor uses paper for the handle and metal for the blade (including the head) to achieve “deplasticization” * and is used by assembling a piece of paper like origami.

Source: Kai Store

Sr. No. 11 -Recycled cardboard for the pharmaceutical industry by Mayr-Melnhof Karton – The standards expected of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry are some of the most exacting. In this profoundly regulated sector, necessary medical supplies must be assured to guarantee their effectiveness and protection. MCB (PH 0.3) gives pharmaceutical businesses a new MMK packaging choice that makes a decisive contribution to sustainability and complies with the pharmaceutical industry’s high safety standards. This premium quality product manufactured in the German MMK plant in Gernsbach is based on Multicolor Belvedere, the EU market’s best-selling recycled carton board with a white backside.

Source: MMK

Sr. No. 12 -Bioplastic with seaweed developed by National Institute of Ocean Technology India – The name is Red algae Kappaphycus alvarezii – seaweed shown to be an essential commercial source of carrageenans and other products. It is for a broad range of industrial purposes. These algae are extremely colloidal and are inexpensive to grow within a quick cultivation time (45 days) by simply using sunlight without the demand for freshwater or chemicals. NIOT scientists employed a macro-algae Kappaphycus alvarezii (whole seaweed), which they developed in the Gulf of Mannar section for bioplastic film production with the plasticizer polyethylene glycol (PEG)-3000 to obtain higher tensile strength.

polyethylene glycol peg, Seaweed BioPlastic, algae Kappaphycus alvarezii, (PEG)-3000
Source: Vigyanprasar

Sr. No. 13 – Ultra-Thin-Walled Container by Injection Molded Technology – The unique container is an extension to Toppan’s “SUSTAINABLE-VALUE™ Packaging” lineup, which is part of the newly started “TOPPAN S-VALUE™ Packaging” range. A decrease of plastic resin using injection molded containers needs the minimum possible thickness when molding is produced and has presented challenges in costs, durability, and mass production feasibility. Thermoforming has usually been considered better for creating containers that need thin walls, but it does not offer the exact scope of design possibilities as injection molding.

Sr. No. 14 – Innovative refill solution to cut the excess plastic by Greiner Packaging– The bottle can be applied for repetitious refill doses, giving the work of four regular spray bottles and trigger sprayers – a straightforward and affordable way to cut down on plastic waste. This was Greiner Packaging’s motive to team up with its in-house design agency DesPro and generate a new refill idea for plastic spray bottles for household chemicals. Each secure, 50 ml dose can also be customized to 30 ml or 40 ml. This is done within a unique valve and a guiding nozzle that suits all standard spray bottles.

Source: Greiner Packaging

Sr. No. 15 – Cryogenic Labels for ultra-low temperature storage Covid -19 vaccines –The low-level temperatures needed to deliver the breakthrough COVID-19 vaccines have spotlighted the cold pharmaceutical chain. Still, the need for ultra-low temperature solutions has been steadily rising alongside the development of advanced biologics and genetic therapeutics. Avery Dennison’s range of labels for cryogenic and dry ice forms offered durable solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The portfolio includes labeling solutions for application temperatures as low as -50°C, as well as solutions for high-speed production lines currently being used to label Covid-19 vaccines. 

Cryogenic Labels, cryogenic storage labels, cryogenic labels for frozen surfaces, polarsafe cryogenic labels, cryogenic label
Source: Avery Dennison

Sr. No. 16 – Recyclable barrier papers for sustainable packaging solutions by Mondi – Mondi, a worldwide leader in packaging and paper, has strongly developed a new recyclable functional barrier paper series. With stability in mind, this series of certified recyclable barrier paper solutions are fully integrated across Mondi’s supply chain—from paper production to the barrier application—and can run on existing filling lines form-fill-and-seal (FFS) applications. The coatings technologies used in these papers create custom barriers for grease and water vapor and assure sealability. AegisPapers are proper for various packaging applications in pet food, frozen food, dry food, secondary packaging, toy, e-commerce, flower packaging, confectionery, and DIY industries.

Source: Mondi Group

Sr. No. 17 – New sustainable cardboards feature pop-up, wrap-around boxes by Hubergroup – Secondary packaging for 2.5 kg and 1 kg cans as well as 2 kg cartridges. Hubergroup has already been assigned with the application of bleach in its secondary packaging since 2020. However, this was only the beginning step towards more environmentally friendly packaging in the printing ink business. The company now includes completely redesigned cartons for 2.5 kg and 1 kg cans global: a variant with wrap-around folding and pop-up boxes with dividers. 

Source: Hubergroup

Sr. No. 18 – Infinity IBC – Infinity Series IBC is the first Composite IBC with an inner receptacle made from post-consumer resin (PCR). PCR material is created from used industrial packaging that has been assembled, sorted, and recycled in-house by Mauser Packaging Solutions according to ISO 16103:2005 standards. The IBC highlights an innovative, 2-layer bottle that includes up to 40% PCR. Without negotiating the package’s modular design concept, the Infinity IBC gives the same benefits of reusability and recyclability as a standard Composite IBC.

Infinity Series IBC,
Source: Mauser Packaging

Sr. No. 19 – Monomaterial sustainable laminates solutions for coffee packaging by Gualapack – The Gualapack offers a complete range of laminates for coffee packaging, featuring high mechanical performance and total protection from gas and moisture to preserve fragrance and aroma. For the coffee industries, we now offer mono-material PP laminates. Made of high-performance and tailor-made polypropylene resins, they are designed to collect, sort, and recycle in the PP stream.

compostable lids for coffee
Source: GualaPack

Sr. No. 20 – Grass Straws Made Of Wild Grass – The modern Vietnamese man’s name is Tran Minh Tien, and he is the owner of Ống Hút Cỏ., a company that executes two species of straws out of sedge grass. He came with an innovative idea of using a grass called Lepironia Articulata, nearby known as co bang, which grows nearby the Mekong Delta region in southwestern Vietnam. Within his desire to do something to help in the fight against plastic. The sedge grass holds a hollow stem, so it is natural than straw-shaped. The straws come in two variants, one being dried and another fresh. Tran describes in a video on Facebook by VnExpress International whereby the grass is turned into straws.

innovation in packaging, innovation packaging, packaging innovations, innovation of packaging, innovate packaging
Source: ỐNG HÚT CỎ

Sr. No. 21 – OxyStar patented technology for PET material makes oxygen ingress zero – Introducing the world’s first recyclable PET barrier material, OxyStar. Today, the most extensive barrier solutions are classified as a #7 recycling symbol that cannot be recycled. The OxyStar PET barrier material has a #1 recycling symbol, providing the package to be put behind into the PET recycling stream to be used over frequently. Producing a package that gives your products a better way to stay fresher for longer and extends product shelf life while making a sustainable impact is how we make only more suitable packaging.

oxystar pet barrier material
Source: Placon

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