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Scholle IPN, a dominant worldwide supplier of flexible packaging solutions, published that their bag-in-box packaging for water passed the Association of Plastic Recyclers FPE-CG-01 testing.

They assess the compatibility of plastic packaging with film-to-film recycling methods. The packaging is the first bag-in-box set up to achieve this testing protocol. The testing was finished by Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE).

2Pure and RecShield

PFE examined a bag made with two layers of film and polyethylene (PE) caps. The outer film, made of Scholle IPN’s RecShield, is a barrier film specially created to keep unwanted flavorings from transferring into the film into the water. The inner film consists of Scholle IPN’s proprietary film technology, recognized as 2Pure, which includes scavenging technology that secures the taste of the packaged water.

Teresa Bernal-Lara, Ph.D., Film Development Manager for Scholle IPN, said of the recyclability experiment protocols, “A unique film technology cannot solely be put out in the world and touted as recyclable—it must go for testing to be identified as such. 

The testing done by PFE confronted an all-polyethylene film and cap to Scholle IPN’s innovative RecShield and 2Pure choice, accompanying with a polyethylene spout and tap. The specimens were decreased to flakes which were then extruded into pellets and then re-blown into a film that can be applied to create new flexible packaging, a genuinely circular solution. 

Scholle IPN’s water packaging made beyond the minimum threshold for compliance described in APR’s Critical Guidance Protocol for PE Film and Flexible Packaging (FPE-CG-01), and we have accepted a letter of acknowledgment from APR for this achievement.”

“Delivering liquid products in the best, most efficient way possible is what Scholle IPN does,” stated David Bellmore, Director of Global Film and Package Development for Scholle IPN. “Our bag-in-box bag and tap make up less than 5% of the overall package weight—with corrugate making up the balance. According to the EPA, corrugate packaging is recycled at a 96.5% rate while PET and HDPE bottles are recycled just 29% of the time. That means our package will not only offer a recycle-ready bag and tap, but around 95% of the overall package by weight is likely to be recycled. Environmentally speaking, plastic water bottles don’t match up with bag-in-box.”

Ross Bushnell, President, and CEO of Scholle IPN added, “Source reduction is a powerful step in the mitigation of our carbon footprint. By reducing the amount of plastic required to get our customer’s liquids to their end-market, we ensure less waste throughout the product lifecycle. Our new flexible water packaging provides for recyclability where possible while also ensuring critical source reduction that saves our Earth’s diminishing resources for future use.”

Scholle IPN’s recycle-ready bag-in-box packaging for water is now available.

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