How to make our Packaging Material specification?

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Definition of Packaging Material specification:
It is the tool for checking the quality and pricing calculator of packaging material. 

What is the packaging material specification?

The packaging specification is one of the very critical aspects of any organization. The ultimate purpose of a specification is an agreement document between purchaser and supplier. However, a provisional or outline the specification is essential, even when initial development samples are being surveyed since it provides both a disciplined approach to the examination of materials and components and a record of exactly what was received, used, etc. 

The packaging material specification must be divided into three categories: 

Step 1# A general overview of packaging material for tracing
Step 2# Physical Measurement and other tests (destructive and non-destructive test)
Step 3# Packing Instruction for logistic (packing for transport from supplier side)

A packaging specification is usually documented under the following layout headings:

General Overview:
• standard title (bottle, cap, laminate, etc.)
• specification reference number and date have written
• previous edition/specification ref. No.
• general description of the item.
• materials of construction—types, grade, color, etc.
Physical Measurement and other tests (destructive and non-destructive test)
• construction, the process by which constructed; size/weight/capacity, with tolerances (maybe under a drawing reference)
• drawing ref., date, details of dimensions and tolerances
• decoration, a component of print, decoration method, color target(s), artwork reference, etc.
• performance tests (concerning test method, number, etc.)
Transport Instruction of packaging material from the supplier side
• how to be delivered and identified
• signatures of approval: supplier/purchaser
Packaging specification template
Here is a general overview of the packaging material’s content, but the central part of the packaging specification is measurement parameters.
The measurement parameters started from visual appearance and then needed to specify the available measuring such as length, width, and diameter values. After next, it has to set the value of functionality tests such as sealing and torque testing. Then, add performance tests such as transport worthiness tests(Drop, Vibration, and Stack load test). And then has to add aesthetical tests such as artwork and Pantone color of the packaging material.
The tentative idea to address any packaging material to analyze – start from the basic: such as visual, dimensional analysis, aesthetical appearance, functional test, performance test, safety, and security features, and artwork.

Add-on features

This all above parameter is to be defined based on packaging material type. Some Inspection procedures and acceptable quality levels (AQL’s) related to critical, major, and minor defects may be part of the specification document but are more likely to be in a general information support manual unless these are specific to the item concerned.
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