A green lifestyle can be possible with the Paper razor

Paper Razor

The world is drastically changing, and it’s affecting the way we live and function. However, the irony is that the world is drastically changing because of our unhealthy practices and us! 

It’s now imperative to live more sustainably, carefully, and consciously. Integrating sustainability into our day-to-day lives has become crucial! And we can do this in various ways. Designers and creators are coming up with sustainable alternatives for almost everything! 

first disposable paper razor,

Every product necessary and utilized by us in our everyday routine has an eco-friendly alternative to it. Replacing our usual mass-produced designs with these greener options will make a massive difference to the environment and Mother Earth! 

First Disposable Paper Razor

From reusable totes made from fruit skins to the world’s first disposable paper razor, we’ve curated a whole collection of sustainable products that will have significant functionality in our daily lives. It’s time to go green!

A paper razor uses paper for the handle and metal for the blade (including the head) to achieve “deplasticization” * and is used by assembling a piece of paper like origami.

It can be used cleanly at any time without worrying about bacterial growth or rust. Its excellent water resistance can be used even when it gets wet with water or hot water (about 40°C).

The body is thin with a thickness of about 3mm and weighs about 4g, making it super lightweight, so you can quickly put it in a bag and carry it around.

The easy-to-hold and straightforward gender-free design is the right size for everyone, including the strength and thickness of the paper and the length of the handle.

* 98% reduction in plastic usage compared to our 3-flute razor

Paper razors are available at Kai Store.

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