Boron free adhesive for Corrugated Fiber Box – A Step for Sustainable

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Source: Exilva

Starch-based adhesives mainly used in paper bonding like bookbinding, corrugated fiber box making, paper bags, and wallpaper pastes. Carbohydrates obtained from vegetable plants such as corn, rice, wheat, and potatoes and used for such applications. 

Boron derivative of Borax i.e., a mixture of borax and sodium hydroxide, dramatically modify the properties of cooked starch. Rising borax content increases viscosity; tack property and cohesiveness are also significantly increased by the addition of borax.

Innovation by Borregaard

The Borregaard innovates the glue produces for corrugated fiber box without having boron derivatives. “This solution is an answer to the regulatory department to concern about borates. As well as to improve productivity and quality of the board,” says Project Director for Exilva Per-Ivar Heier at Borregaard.

Boron derivatives Concern

Boron derivatives, classified by the European Chemical Agency as Elements of Very High Concern suspected. It can harm fertility and the unborn child, are appropriated in the glue to make corrugated fiber boxes. Our corrugated fiber box industries don’t have any alternative to this hazardous chemical. 

So, the Norwegian corrugated fiber box producer Glomma Papp has, collectively with Borregaard and the Exilva has developed corrugated fiber box solutions with no added boron.

Then they had started to pass the quality a boron free solution technically and have used Exilva as a productivity enhancer. 

The alternate solution of Boron

Doing this, they have an alternative to step by step reduce the boron composites in the glue, in a controlled manner. Exilva allows us to run smoother, faster, and with upgraded quality and speed. As per the data of 70 million m2 produced boxes & boards with Exilva and measured the production increases by 14% and reduced warp with 11%.”, says Supervisor Jan Berg at Glomma Papp, Norway.

Borregaard has created a new to the world Microfibrillated Cellulose technology called Exilva, a natural and sustainable wood-based solution. The new glue has a unique compound of robustness and rheological properties, producing a secure network that allows the replacement of boron derivatives in corrugated starch glue systems.




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