Transparent packaging to give the feel to the Apple watchstrap customer

Many designers develop up with cool packaging designs for numerous products, but this packaging idea by Nolan Nisbet for the Apple Watch is incredibly charming! 

It is motivated by the iPod’s packaging design; Nisbet adopted a clear and transparent case for the Apple Watch. The transparent packaging appears in two parts; one shields the watch’s screen, whereas the other part creates a protective layer around the strap. 

But here’s it displays exciting, the packaging of the strap has been intended so that you can glide it on and off! This allows you to try on straps of various styles, letting you mix and pair till you decide on a combination that you like. 

You can try on the different packaged straps on your hand, so you can see how they would look on you! The transparent protective layer assures that no one ends up touching the straps. It is in original condition, stopping them from getting dirty or contaminated before they are even sold (especially useful in these COVID-19 times).

When it gets to the straps, Nisbet has branded them with Nike! He’s performed an innovative idea wherein Apple and Nike collaborate to design some attractive cool straps for the watch. 

The different straps appear in different colors and patterns, joined with Nike’s sporty and funky design philosophy. Even the packaging has been combined with Nike’s branding. The center of the packaging of Apple and Nike’s logos showcases. And, this center portion has a little secret section! 

The section is used to keep the user’s manual and the charger placed within the compartment. These two fundamental add ons have been nicely integrated within the transparent packaging of the watch.

Nisbet’s packaging idea for the Apple Watch is creative and unique and highly practical, and convenient! He’s considered the buyer’s satisfaction and designs the packaging that facilitates up and supports your buying process. 

This innovative packaging is the type you use even after buying the product; it’s not; you throw the packaging in the dustbin once you unravel the new product. Not to discuss, the collaboration of Apple and Nike seems like a match made in paradise. This is one packaging with the product that I would love to see in an actual Apple store someday!

Designer: Nolan Nisbet

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