DS Smith and ERFURT win the Corrugated Board Innovation Award 2021 for making wallpapering easy

Timelessly elegant and quickly affixed to the wall: The wallpapers from ERFURT convince by their high feature and are simple to use. To sell its innovative wallpaper collections, the Wuppertal family business has come up with something special. 

A corrugated box substitutes the wallpaper table and guarantees even inexperienced laymen an overall thriving wall design. This fantastic DIY tool was developed and designed together with the presentation and packaging strategists of DS Smith. 

The intelligent wallpapering box is becoming for all ERFURT products to be wallpapered using the wallpapering method. The brilliant design was worth an award to the jurors of the Corrugated Board Innovation Prize. 

They awarded the wallpaper box second place in the section of sales promotion. Professional painters and do-it-yourselfers acknowledge it equally: The quality wallpapers of the famous brand ERFURT. It all started with woodchip wallpaper. 

Today, the family company ERFURT & SOHN KG, managed in the seventh generation, sells various product portfolios all around the globe for modern wall design in addition to its sales classics: from non-woven, smooth, non-woven, and embossed paper wallpapers to exclusively designable digital print wallpapers.

Modern non-woven woodchips and non-woven wallpapers are very much in vogue, as they allow an exceptionally comfortable and clean method of renovation with the wall-pasting process. 

The highlight of Corrugated Box

ERFURT & SOHN now gives an extra plus inconvenience with the wallpaper box produced by DS Smith. 

The particular highlight: 

The innovative solution for the expert and do-it-yourselfer saves the wallpaper table. The wallpaper strip can be attached directly from the wallpapering box to the pre-glued wall from the running roll. 

The combined wall spacer, the positioning tabs for the ladder, and the cut edge identified on the packaging assure that the strips are perpetually the right length. Waste of wallpaper material can be decreased considerably in this way. At the same time, the wallpaper box guards the wallpaper roll against soiling.

DS smith

Thanks to the printed assembly directions, DS Smith’s wallpaper box can be set up in no time and can be easily adapted to the size of the wallpaper roll using reduction tabs inside the box. And it is just as simple to use. A video tutorial on YouTube provides quick enlightenment to wallpapering with the package. 

Just browse the QR code printed on the box, and you can see on your smartphone step by step how comfortable wallpapering can be:

  • No bulky wallpaper table.
  • No sticky strips of wallpaper.
  • A wall picture that is even and homely.
  • Wallpapering is easy with the wallpaper box.

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