22 best sustainable packaging of 2022

Sustainable packaging improves and uses recyclable, eco-friendly material, reusable packaging, and made from renewable resources or materials. This method decreases the environmental impact and eco-friendly footprint of consumer product waste.

Let’s go and find the best sustainable packaging:

#1 World’s first CO2 PET bottles

Packaging for glass cleaners, soon mouthwashes and liquid soaps, now holds up to 30% PET acquired from CO2 (with mass balance), thus substituting new PET generally got from crude oil. Therefore, new PET from CO2 is an ecologically practical complement to recycled PET. It signifies that the Mibelle Group can process recycled CO2 to make new packaging. Ethanol is used to create sustainable plastic, perfect for packaging use. The recycled CO2 packaging lowers crude oil consumption, binds the greenhouse gas, and is disposed of in existing recycling. CO2 PET, therefore, has a much less environmental footprint than regular PET, yet it is the same grade. The Mibelle Group has jointly up with start-up company LanzaTech for CO2 recycling to make a sustainable alternative plastic for packaging.

#2 LipLid named the world’s best lid

LipLid, evolving the world leader with its creative and eco-friendly drinking lid. Liplid establishes a new, world-unique ideal for cup lids adjusted to all types of cups intended for serving both hot and cold beverages. Liplid’s cup lid stabilizes the cup, making it firmer to grip and eliminating the risk of tilting over and the cover falling off. It was designed and patented a cup lid for service. It has unique functionality, design, and a form that needs 25% less material in manufacturing. The cup lid is created of 100% recyclable material, cellulose fibers. It is fully biodegradable in soil and marine conditions. The new and revolutionary design stabilizes the coffee cup itself while exposing its physical properties to hot coffee/water.

#3 kp Zapora Liquid retention technology for trays

New creative padless tray technology is cleverly developed to withdraw the need for absorbent pads for fresh cuts of protein. The tray’s base properties capture and retain liquid, and it’s sustainable because it’s comfortable rinse and recycle without any chaos. Crystal clear display for shelf appeal, Made using up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET, which Improves customer experience. 

#4 Freshmark Beetroot Barrier Tub 400g

South Africa’s first ambient beetroot product in a plastic tub. It is a lightweight tub with an in-mold label for OTR barrier protection that has environmental and convenience benefits over classic designs. The mono-material polypropylene tub is entirely recyclable and nests compactly for efficient transport. It is specially designed for re-use, with lids that re-close securely.

#5 BioPak Oyster Trays (Blue Harvest)

Seafood transport has its challenges as it is a high-temperature sensitive product that cherishes quickly after harvest. These oyster trays deliver a sustainable option to plastic and PS trays. It is made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp; they are approved home (AS5810) and industrially (AS4736) compostable to Australian Standards.

#6 Zipform rPump

Zipform Packaging, in co-occurrence with a leading health and beauty business, has created rPump, a world-first in merging a recyclable composite fiber-based pack with a reusable closure and pump. It is in response to the recyclability challenge presented by existing pump-style packaging. Using Zipform Packaging’s linear draw composite technology, 100% of the pack’s surface can be decorated, removing the need for a post-applied label. The packs are made from >90% fiber content, include>60% post-consumer recycled material, and are 100% curbside recyclable.

#7 The PET food mono-material pouch by Thanh Phu 

It is a high-performance mono-material MOD-PE laminated PE bag that is fully recyclable, including matte and Haptic varnish. The printing on MDO-PE has printed both sides, color printed on the reverse side and two varnishes registered printed on the surface side, two varnishes is Haptic, and matte varnish created good aesthetic appearance.

8# Fermented food packaging pouch

Kimchi releases gas as it ferments, and large-capacity products are tied with cable ties and clips to control gas. 1) Stable gas emissions through maze gas emission structure. 2) Removing cable ties and clips reduces plastic usage and facilitates recycling. 3) Reduce plastic usage (15%↓) by optimizing the pouch size. 4) Improving consumer handling by processing the two-ball handle. 5) To prevent problems with sealing quality according to kimchi soup and red pepper powder, make two entrances in the pouch, one for maze processing, and the other for kimchi

#9 D.FINE (Next Generation mLLDPE)

D.FINE® is a film and flexible packaging material that preserves outstanding toughness and processability for plastic packages such as heavy-duty sacks, cosmetic tubes, etc. The high-quality mLLDPE drastically reduces the amount of plastic used by reducing film thickness by 30~40% OR increasing recycled resin content up to 50%.

Compared to standard products, up to 50% of virgin polymer content was reduced, leading to significantly lower CO2 emissions. D.FINE® ‘s slogan is “Define New Standards for the Fine World.” Our goal is to define the standards of new plastics through the best performance, eco-friendliness, and long-lasting properties.

#10 ECOBY-OPP (High barrier OPP film for recyclable uni-materials)

ECOBY-OPP is a bi-axially oriented polypropylene film that is transparent and has oxygen and moisture barrier properties that can replace aluminum materials. This can realize uni-material packaging design. Therefore, it can be applied to various eco-friendly flexible packagings such as labels, pouches, and food bags.

It’s prepared by coating a single thin layer with high barrier properties. This material can replace harmful coating materials such as metals and chlorine-based materials. 

#11 Kerbside Recyclable High Barrier Stand Up Pouch for Brookfarm

Using a specialty label that allows the 100% high barrier PE pouch to change shape at the end of life, this is the first-ever pouch packaging in Australia (and perhaps the world!) that can be put in mixed recycling and be sorted through a mechanical recycling process. This pack replaced Brookfarm’s current metalized structure for 100% recyclability. With the addition of a specialty “Roll ‘n’ Recycle” label, this pouch avoids issues with flexible packaging disposal through the standard recycling collection by creating a semi-rigid, 2D shape that goes into the rigid plastics stream at the facility.

#12 1L shampoo 94% PCR

The bottle achieves the best in class sustainability objective, produced with 94% recycled PCR material. A Circular Economy is by sure the solution for our planet, as it will be impossible to eliminate consumerism. Besides, this bottle has a full range of colors, with a stunning and appealing aspect.

#13 3cc One Material Pump

Conventional cosmetic dispensers are made from multiple plastic materials with a metal spring and thus cannot be recycled. We, at this moment, present a new dispenser made from a polyolefin-based single material only, even replacing the metal spring with the polyolefin material (polypropylene). The spring in our 3cc one material pump substitutes a metal with polypropylene, and the other components of a dispenser, which were formerly polyethylene and POM (started to prohibit worldwide in use due to formaldehyde emission), are replaced with polypropylene for easy separation and 100% recyclability.

#14 McDonald’s Sundae cup and lid

We developed a precisely engineered Sundae Cup & Lid in partnership with Havi for McDonald’s. The product is made from 100% wood fiber, without any plastic additives, and formulated with ice cream and broad sauces and toppings. The product needed to be engineered to very high-performance tolerance, demonstrate superior functionality and organoleptic properties while providing consumers with a highly evolved level of sensory perception in use. We see this product as a ‘good replacement for plastic’ and a fantastic sustainable design and beautiful packaging.

#15 Chobani (PakPot) Yoghurt Cup

The Chobani Yoghurt Tub is not only sustainably designed but also incorporates patented design and injected/IML process (using PakPot’s unique tooling) to mold the label like a shrink-sleeve. The tub and IML are produced from a mono-material (PP). The pack is lighter, 100% sortable, and recyclable, ensuring genuinely sustainable design.

#16 SimpliCycle Recyclable Valve

SimpliCycle™ is a fully recyclable valve for packaging food, beverage, and food service. It provides a breakthrough solution for recyclability with PET, PE, or PP containers. SimpliCycle delivers the best consumer dispensing experience by matching the viscosity and dosing needs of the product with the appropriate valve size and slit configuration.

#17 Liquipure® ultra mono-material flexible packaging for bag-in-box

Best Sustainable packaging

Utilizing patent-pending advanced resin technology, Dow Innate resins, and multilayer coextrusion, Liquipure ultra can protect liquid products requiring rigid barrier properties without the use of nylon. The innovative structure is more durable and robust and boasts up to three times higher oxygen barrier than the traditional offering. It is designed to meet recyclability guidelines and reduce material consumption; Liquipure ultra is the first mono-material bag-in-box bag that provides moderate to high barrier protection. The unique design eliminates energy and resource-intensive processes, making it better for the planet while exceeding customer performance requirements.

#18 100% Recyclable Packaging for Tuna

The pack is 100% recyclable under PE4 streams, uses almost 9% less plastic compared to regular pack, which saves cost and no environmental impact, better, sharper print quality for high-intensity tones is possible with print, improved stiffness and high clarity for better product viewing and no compromise on the seal.

#19 reinpapier – smartphone packaging for Telekom Germany

The unique natural packaging also offers the excellent ingenuity factor because it is made from 100% ecological raw materials, is entirely recyclable, and is biodegradable. The packaging brand rein papier ® is an innovative starch, vegetable cellulose fibers, and water. The raw material used by rein papier ® has no chemical ingredients and is also produced in a CO 2 -neutral manner.

#20 New Type Nozzle Cap (PSH007)

This cap has a unique design of inner seal points. It can protect and maintain the quality of contents without an induction seal or inner plug cap because of the unique design of the internal seal point. Second, This original cap is segregated from PET bottles for easy recycling.

Moreover, This original cap is designed to be segregated from PET bottles for easy recycling.

#21 ElifProLite – A Recyclable High Barrier Laminate Solution

ElifProlite is a new high-barrier packaging solution. Due to the mono-material structures / homogeneous composites being fully recyclable, suitable for recycling through the available corresponding recycling streams. ElifProlite has excellent film performance and superior processability for high-speed packaging applications. ElifProLite offers excellent aroma protection and prolonged shelf life.

#22 Tension Body

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There are various actuator types for cosmetic packaging as an essential component. However, there is no need for this packaging as the cosmetic product can be dispensed by pushing the outer bottle inward only for user friendly with fewer components. Quite convenient to use regardless of who uses and meets sustainability needs through a refillable feature. Except for the pump engine, all the other parts are made of Polyolefin (polypropylene and polyethylene), which is recyclable. Even the pump engine for Polyolefin only is under development.

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