Neopac Introduces “Eco-Stripped” Tube with 30% Less Plastics

Hoffmann Neopac, a multinational supplier of high-quality packaging for pharma, beauty, and oral care, has “capped off” its dedication to lowering plastics in its tube designs. The company has presented Eco-Stripped Tube, which incorporates a significantly decreased sleeve wall thickness with a comparable materials reduction in the shoulder and cap. The development is a 30% reduction in overall virgin materials without offering product protection, haptics, or esthetics.

For cosmetics and personal care product consumers, the advantages of Eco-Stripped Tubes are numerous. The trimmed-down tubes substantially lower carbon impact; in fact, four Eco-Stripped Tubes can be created with the number of materials it takes to make three conventional tubes of the exact size. Less prevalent plastics also mean lower Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fees – so-called “plastic taxes” – and reduced shipping costs.

For Neopac, lowering overall materials to make a lower-profile shoulder and cap defines a materials science breakthrough. For size D50 tubes, for instance, the sleek Eco-Stripped tubes sit 9.4mm lower with a 3.75g weight deduction without offering performance.

The most delinquent in Neopac’s EcoDesign series, Eco-Stripped Tube, is an expansion of its LIGHTWEIGHT TUBE, which lessens sleeve wall thickness from 0.5mm to 0.35mm. The next-generation Eco-Stripped Tube builds this sleeve weight decline to create a completely trimmed-down tube structure. An eco-conscious substitute for standard PE, PP, and coextruded tubes, Eco-Stripped Tubes are known in diameters ranging from 30-50mm, for volumes from 40-300ml. For enhanced protection and safety, tamper-evident (first-opening) options are also available.

Neopac calculates that the new tubes will eliminate the need for as much as 7.7 tons of HDPE and PP materials per one million tubes produced in its packaging manufacturing operations. It translates to an overall carbon footprint reduction of over 29 tons of CO2 per million tubes manufactured.

“The concept behind our new Eco-Stripped Tube is ‘undress to progress,’ meaning a key tool in moving toward a circular economy is overall materials reduction – and virgin plastics reduction specifically,” said Cornelia Schmid, Head of Marketing for Neopac. “As a company, we’re continuing to push our sustainability efforts further without sacrificing product protection, haptics, esthetics, or other qualities brand owners hold dear.”

Other solutions in Neopac’s EcoDesign portfolio include RECYCLED TUBE having 70% recycling material, 64% of which is PCR; Sugarcane Tube, produced from renewable raw materials; and PICEA™ wood tube, comprised of 95% renewable material in the tube body and shoulder – including 10% of spruce wood from wood waste in sawmills.

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