Twist’n’use tube for Topical solution by Hoffmann Neopac

Hoffmann Neopac, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality packaging for a wide range of industries and applications, made a differentiating packaging solution for a topical antiparasitic solution provided by Aurora Pharmaceuticals, Inc. It is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of animal health-related drugs. Emphasizing the active ingredient selamectin, the newly released Revolt Topical Solution is available via prescript, inconvenient, high-barrier property with single-use tubes as a simple, no-mess applicator.

Packaging for small volume

Neopac manufactured its Twist’n’use™ tube for the project, a small-volume single-dose solution that is irrevocably opened once the cap is twisted. In extension to tamper-evidence, the tube’s permanently attached cap emphasizes consumer simplicity and allows the proper use of the enclosed product to the area of treatment.

For Aurora Pharmaceuticals, Revolt™ required to be packaged in a solution that optimized aesthetics without requiring an external moisture barrier.

Twist’n’use Tube

It satisfies this need; the Twist’n’use tube highlights Neopac’s Polyfoil® technology. It an exclusive blend of materials giving advanced barrier properties such as adequate protection against MVTR, OTR, and other probably harmful elements. Products housed in Polyfoil® solutions can have a more prolonged shelf life than those put in traditional polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) packaging.

Revolt Topical product comes in multiple sizes and strengths, according to the dog’s size or cat receiving it. Variants with 6% API are ready in .25ml, .75ml and 1ml tubes, while 12% API is in .5ml, 1ml, 2ml or 3ml tubes. Neopac’s Twist’n’use™ tubes can carry volumes up to 10ml.

Compatibility and stability

There were some difficulties during the partnership, including a chemical compatibility issue, but Neopac’s technical team supported and overwhelmed these challenges for a stable and successful launch.


Thus considerably, feedback from consumers who’ve used Revolt has been overwhelmingly confident, with users looking to its comfortable use and brand aesthetics.

Views on packaging

“Neopac was the only packaging associate that could give premium barrier security, and protection for the small-dose delivery. It is having precision, chemical compatibility & stability, and overall manufacturing quality,” said Richard Mihalik, Director of R&D / Business Development for Aurora Pharmaceuticals, Inc. “We are especially thrilled with the innovative dispensing design, which provides direct, hassle-free application of a product that would be otherwise cumbersome to apply.”

Regarding the pet health sector, Aurora Pharmaceuticals specializes in producing and creating liquid dosage medicine sizes as little as 0.23 mL to as large as 20L. Revolt™ Topical product signifies the company’s first single-dose topical pharmaceutical approval and launch.

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