The 100% Plastic-Free Lipstick

A company that is determined to avoid plastic at all costs; its bespoke lipstick bullet is made from 100% aluminum (100% Plastic-Free Lipstick).

They preferred aluminum – ‘the green metal’ – because it is one of the most recycled materials and reuse on the earth and can be infinitely times recycled without losing their property. 
Many ‘recyclable’ materials used in day-to-day life still end up in landfills because they are glued together with other materials, making them ‘contaminated.’ Our bullets’ unique ‘push-up’ design eliminates the need for glue.
Benefits to the nature of the 100% Plastic-Free Lipstick and how you can use every trace of your Juni lipstick, you can either:
1. place it in your household recycling bin (please check with your local authority regarding kerbside collection of aluminum)
2. take it to your local household recycling center and place it in the bin marked ‘Metal.’
3. send it back to us (our address is Juni Cosmetics Ltd, PO Box 3726, NR7 7FG) – we will collect all returns and ensure they get recycled efficiently
We are proud to be certified by A Plastic Planet as 100% plastic-free. (This includes all of our packaging – from the bullet to stickers, from the cartons to mailing boxes. Even our suppliers ship our stock to us in special plastic-free packaging)! 
Our lipstick formula is also completely free of microplastics, certified by Plastic Soup Foundation with their ‘Zero Plastic Inside’ logo. 

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