Mono-Material sustainable and recyclable dispenser pump by TriMas

MonoTM-2e by TriMas

TriMas announced that Rieke, the portion of its TriMas Packaging group, has additionally advanced its commitment to sustainability with the commercialization of the trademarked MonoTM-2e pump, a unique dispenser pump that is entirely recyclable.

Rieke’s MonoTM-2e container, which is currently in production, was the prime dispenser pump on the market created from one polymer grade resin, making it more simply recycled, without sorting or separation. Later proving production robustness, it became commercially prepared and ready for advanced design forms for customers serving the beauty, personal care, and different end markets.

“Our commitment to sustainable methods has been long-standing at TriMas, as it explains our center values of integrity and regard for the environment and the communities in which we conduct,” declared Thomas Amato, the TriMas President, and Chief Executive Officer. “the TriMas’ Packaging group leads the way with innovative, sustainable products, and is proceeding to design and produce new products to meet consumers’ and customers’ evolving sustainability aims.”

All components – Single Material

The highly innovative MonoTM-2e was identified being a 2020 finalist of the Sustainability Packaging Coalition Innovator Honors for the revolutionary single-polymer design, as the registered pump features six parts, all made from one polymer. It is 100% recyclable and designed to decrease its carbon footprint significantly. In expanding, the MonoTM-2e is e-commerce available, minimizing the risk of leakage through shipping, and is Amazon ISTA 6 compliant.

Easy Recycling 

“Our purpose was to deliver a dispensing pump designed to promote the recycling process, making it simple for consumers by reducing the metal spring and reducing the number of materials used,” described Fabio Salik, President of TriMas Packaging. “We are also working on producing additional dispensing products created from a single material without compromising property, aesthetics, performance, or formula compatibility. We look ahead to launching our newest pump that is currently in advanced stages of testing, under the brand SingoloTM.”

Future Investment – Reducing Footprint

TriMas Packaging’s line of single-polymer dispensing pumps is available to customers throughout its global locations in North America, Asia, and Europe. These bold product designs also contribute to the growing sustainability of using post-consumer resin (PCR) and can more easily feed the PCR stream without further processes to separate different grades or varieties of polymer. The MonoTM-2e pump’s single polypropylene grade enables simple reuse upon recycling, reducing other steps, investments, and overall carbon footprint.

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