The lemonade Ultra Light Orange. Transparent, nine calories per 100 milliliters light and entirely without sweeteners.

This low-calorie “Die Limo Ultra Leicht” product range of our granini brand from Eckes-Granini Germany is rising. Following the victorious relaunch of the first variety, “Coconut Water Lemon,” around a year ago, the successor “Orange” is now available on German supermarket shelves as the second fresh flavor. Naturally refreshing, that is its method for success.

What is behind it? With just 9 kcal per 100 ml, the low-calorie range includes no sweeteners, making it different on the soft drink market. Plus, it also stands out visually with its fruity, light, transparent looks. Both “Coconut Water Lemon” and “Orange” contain only original flavors and dispense with artificial sweeteners as well as colorants and chemicals. Alternatively, it efficiently filters out the small, color-giving particles from the juice. By the way, the vegan, ultra-light lemonades come with 75 percent less sugar than the original.

Going feather well with the lightness

More and more customers are watching their sugar consumption and attaching great significance to natural raw materials for food. As a result, the market for sugar-reduced lemonades and lemonades without sugar is booming. That trend was confirmed by the successful product launch of “Die Limo Ultra Leicht “Coconut Water Lemon” last year: “Our product was very well accepted by customers and retailers and was even the second most popular innovation in the lemonade market,” explains Ann-Christin Netenjakob, Brand Manager Die Limo.

“With the new Orange flavor, we have now deliberately taken the highest-volume variety in the lemonade market. 

With the launch of Die Limo Original (2013) and Die Limo Leicht with 50% less sugar (2018), Eckes-Granini’s young brand has contentedly occupied the German lemonade market. In the meantime, “Die Limo” from granini is the number one value-added lemonade in Germany. Moreover, our combination of a classic flavor with an innovative product concept will further boost the market.”

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