Seriously – Salad says naa to Plastic packaging

Plastic-Free Salad

Sirane has developed a PLASTIC-FREE salad packaging solution as part of a project working with some major brands in France.
A packaging consultancy named (RE)SET packaging having specialized in the circular economy. They are always hunting all over the world for the most innovative packaging supplier in the food sector. (RE)SET packaging signed an ambitious pact with Carrefour and LSDH (owners of the Les Crudettes salad brand), ensuring to do all packaging recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable by 2025.

Innovated salad packaging

So, Sirane company shortlisted for the design of the innovated salad packaging. And after working nine months on the plastic-free packaging solution, able to do launch first potential (RE)SET Packaging product.
Sirane replaces the plastic with coated paper, which gives the required shelf-life. The coated paper has translucency – can see when direct salad contact with the coated paper. And also, there is no requirement for the anti-fog treatment. 
The projected launch date for the salad pouches – which can be reused and converted as part of the paper recycling process – is currently scheduled for early 2021.

Earthfilm paper packaging

The salad pouches – which are a part of the popular Earthfilm paper packaging series – will be used for Les Crudettes salads and Carrefour-branded salads.
In 2019, France declared strategies to include a tax on packaging made from non-recycled plastic, which would result in such products costing up to 10% more.
France as a nation pledged to use only recycled plastics by 2025 – but some retailers and producers, including Carrefour, signed up to even more ambitious targets.
Similarly, the UK plans to introduce a plastics tax on all packaging that does not include 30 percent recycled material by April 2022.
Earthfilm is the paper category series, i.e., plastic-free packaging. It is available in the pre-formed pouch – which is directly filling and sealed.
Sirane is an innovative food packaging development-to-manufacture company, with expertise in absorbency and material science. Specialisms include bags and pouches, absorbent products, shelf-life extension, and dual-ovenable products. We also recently acquired a UK-based board manufacturer and converter.



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